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Sky TV product test

Sky+ HDMumsnet recruited a total of 20 product testers - Mumsnetters who volunteered to have a Sky+ HD box installed in their homes.

They were all given subscriptions lasting a year or longer, on the full Sky World package, with all the Sky channels.

We've asked them for their feedback regularly, reviewing Sky's new channels, content and the service Sky provides to their household.


What our Mumsnet product testers are saying about Sky:

  • Sky Atlantic seems to appeal to both of us. We are both loving Boardwalk Empire. Wolfhound
  • Sky Atlantic is enabling me to watch series such as Six Feet Under and ER from the beginning again, as well as trying new shows. Living has been a favourite of mine for a long time, with Grey's Anatomy one of my favourite shows. smokinaces
  • Love, love, love Modern Family. One of the best things on TV for years. MrsJohnDeere
  • Loved Mad Dogs. Bones, Greys Anatomy, True Blood all favourites, I'm a big fan of Sky One generally.  huffythethreadslayer
  • DH refuses to watch anything (just about) unless it's in HD. It looks and sounds much better. SFXMum
  • I really like the fact that all the 12+ programmes have to have a PIN number entered before 9pm I think - DS1 is not so impressed with this... hmm. DottyDot
  • I really get on with the features, very easy to record programmes, rewinding and pausing live telly is a real treat. Queenandkingmum
  • One further comment though regarding the new HD Sky Planner. I hate hate hate that when you go to the HD tab that the "normal" channels i.e., BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, etc., are not first. I understand that this is due to the new numbering system but it still makes gets me annoyed! Ben10isthespawnofthedevil
  • Being able to record two programmes at the same time is OK, but to be honest I wish it was three or four - there are two nights every week when we have three programmes overlapping and as we rarely watch anything live any more we have turned on to find that some of our planned recordings have been missed. dinosaurshateunderpants
  • I absolutely love the HD channels; the picture is so much crisp and clearer than the standard. Even watching Simpsons in HD makes for a better viewing experience and watching the films in HD is ace. babieseverywhere
  • The children are enjoying watching the extra kids channels that all their mates watch. dinosaurshateunderpants
  • We've watched all sorts of things so far. Thought I would be glued to the food channels, but I've really enjoyed the Bio channel, and Alibi for random tuning in. Saw Carrie Fisher doing a one woman show which was brilliant, and recorded Pulp at Brixton academy for late night drunken bopping around the living room. Am very tempted to do some of the fitness things too. DD1 insists on wearing her Mickey Mouse ears when she watches the Disney channel. JetLi



Last updated: over 3 years ago