Find out how Sky+ could help make family life a little easier

Family togetherWhy Sky?

With six different entertainment packs to choose from, you can select a package that offers exactly what your family wants - without paying for content you don't want to watch.

What is Sky+

Sky+ is an excellent service designed for people with hectic lifestyles, to help manage all the great content available.

Having Sky+ doesn't feel overwhelming - you can make sure you watch exactly what you want, at a time that suits you. It puts you in control of your programming schedules so that you can fit TV around your busy lives and make sure you're making the most of any spare time by enjoying your favourite shows.

Do any of these situations sound a little bit too familiar to you?

  • I sometimes miss my favourite programmes as I forget to record them because I'm too busy running around after the children

  • By the time I've finished work and the children are tucked up in bed it's often too late to check what is on TV for that night

If the answer is yes, then you might think that Series Link is your new best friend. With just one setting, Series Link will automatically record every episode of the show you love to watch so you can enjoy watching at a time that suits you - imagine spending a whole evening watching your favourite show.

  • I'm often the family taxi driver taking the children to clubs/swimming and collecting them from their friends' houses, I'm always busy doing other things when my shows are on
  • I sometimes rush the children with their bedtime routine to be able to watch the one programme I've been looking forward to all week

SkyIf these situations seem a little familiar, then Sky+ is ideal for you. Now you can enjoy more family time in the home, like bedtime stories and supper and when you're out and about you can rest assure that Sky+ will be taking care of recording all your favourite shows to watch when you decide so you never miss a thing

  • Just when I've finally sat down for the evening the phone will ring
  • Trying to get the children to do their homework is a challenge when the TV is on as they say they'll miss their favourite show otherwise. 

With Sky+, you no longer need to worry about interruptions, as you can simply pause live TV, then when you're ready, continue watching. This is a brilliant feature to have when encouraging the children to complete their homework or eat their dinner, simply pause the action, then click play again when the job is done - a nice incentive!

To help make family life a little easier, Sky are giving one lucky Mumsnetter the chance to win a years worth of Sky TV for free, plus a brand new HDTV to watch it on. Find out more.

Last updated: about 3 years ago