Did you know? with Sky

The Better Effexct 

You know that feeling when you discover something special? Like when you first paused live TV so you didn’t miss a moment of your film when the phone rang. Or when you set your Sky+ HD box to record even though you were stuck on a bus. Or the sense of anticipation you got when you discovered that the new series of your favourite show was now in high definition? Sky calls this The Better Effect. 

Sky offers you access to over 50 stunning, high-definition channels; just one of the things they do because they believe in better. HD lets you get closer to the action, enjoy top shows, movies, documentaries and sport in much more detail, with incredibly vibrant colour and fantastic digital sound

But what if you tune in and something's not working? The last thing you need is to realise the helpline has shut for the rest of the day. Sky offers customer service around the clock to its Sky Talk customers, which means you can phone the helpline at any time, day or night - for free. 


Sky better effect

Last updated: about 3 years ago