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  • We got our 18 month old to wear his new glasses by letting him water the garden. Instant reward for wearing them was to get to hold the hose plus it kept his hands busy. Within 5 minutes he had forgotten the glasses and wore them for the rest of the evening. Just prepare to get VERY wet. But we were both dancing in the hose-rain while he was grinning in his glasses. (firsttimekaty)
  • Smile more! (queenvic1)
  • If your child has chicken pox, keep the calamine lotion in the fridge. It makes it far more cooling and soothing. (Coops)
  • A fab substitute for insect repellent is white vinegar. Apply it to skin with cotton wool. Insects will hate the taste and the smell of vinegar disappears as soon as it dries. Fantastic for kids, and cheap! (TAP1)
  • If you have trouble getting your toddler to drink water, pour it into an unusual vessel such as plastic stacking 'cups'. My son is so thrilled by this, the water is gone in seconds and he is asking for more. (Cecelia)
  • If teeth brushing is becoming a bit of a bathroom drama, let your toddler brush your teeth while you brush theirs. (MrsMoon)
  • To remove a sticking plaster painlessly, rub a piece of cotton wool saturated in baby oil over the surface first. (Suzie333)
  • Finding it hard to fit exercise into your day with small children? Do a fitness dvd and get them to join in. When they get bored with that, get them to give you marks out of 10 for how well you're doing it. (Goldberry)
  • Take fifteen minutes to do something for yourself each day. (kirstyelliott)
  • If you have a child who's reluctant to take medicine, try giving it to them when they're in the bath. They're more distracted, and if it doesn't work, it's easier to clean up... (DewinDoeth)
  • Snip holes in the legs of a cheap babygrow for jabs days your babies jabs are over quickly and without the need to get undressed. You can even keep your baby in a sling for constant, cuddly contact, worked like a dream for my lil un-just expect some strange looks from the nurses! (Silverqueen101)
  • How to soothe a baby/toddler's cough? Cut an onion in half and put it in the baby/toddler's bedroom. It will stink the room out, but it really does soothe a cough! (Tip from a Spanish friend...she told me that even paediatricians in Spain give this tip!) (ciaobellaciao)
  • To make washing toddlers hair easier - buy a plastic beach watering can. It's not cleaning, it's a game. (baiyu)
  • Don't let a child with a stomach bug sleep in the top bunk! (NormaSknockers)
  • If your child has eczema, use porridge oats in their bath to soothe and moisturise their skin. Just place a handful in a sock, tie it up and place in the water. (ampfarm)
  • Put vapour rub onto a child's feet and cover with socks to stop a night time dry cough. (bossyboop)
  • When getting a child to take tablets for the first time, use some apple puree on a spoon with the tablet on top (DD2 is 3 and easily manages tablets this way!) (DorisIsTheDarkDestroyer)
  • Attend a first aid course for babies. They are often run by your local hospital, are free of charge and could be a life-saver. (shazaroo1)
  • to stop the kids (and yourself!) using too much soap from dispensers, try the lakeland dispensers where you mix 1/4 soap with 3/4 water, and get a foaming hand wash instead. It's cheaper, and (if this sort of thing matters to you!) you can't tell what brand of soap is in the dispenser, so feel free to use as cheap a brand that works for you. (stickylittlefingers)
  • Cavilon and Medi-Honey are great for really bad nappy rash - they're not readily available but speak to your GP and they should be able to prescribe it for you/ (AngelCars)
  • Superglue - the best way to kill a wart.Even works on the most stubborn and old ones. Just cover the wart with the superglue of your choice and let it dry naturally. Reapply when the glue comes off (about once a day). The idea is to block the air access to the wart. I had a very old one that NOTHING would kill. This way it was dead after 1 month of application. The small ones will take half this time. (tanyalana)
  • If you have a clumsy child who falls over quite a lot, try to carry a red cloth/face flannel with you to wipe up any cuts etc, this way, the sight of the blood won't frighten them. (SilveryMoon)
  • To get rid of cradle cap, massage oil into the area for a while and then gently comb out with a nit comb. (Malachite)
  • When eating out with my baby who is weaning, I always carry wet wipes for mucky faces/hands, anti-bacterial wipes for mucky tables/highchairs and an empty sandwich/freezer bag to put messy bibs and eating paraphernalia in - it saves them from messing up the inside of your change bag! :o) (xJessicasMummyx)
  • Cut babies nails while they are asleep. much less wriggling around. (mumatron)
  • Keep a red flannel with your first aid supplies, plasters, etc. If someone has a heavily bleeding cut or nosebleed, use it to stop bleeding - it won't look as scary as a white tissue with loads of blood on it. (dublinmom)
  • Baby got a snotty nose but hates you doing anything about it? Put him onto his tummy for some essential strength-building playtime and see how that snot just slides out! (gross but true) (Cies)
  • Coconut oil is a wonderful way to keep your baby's skin supple and healthy. Rub it in gently and it's often far more effective than moisturiser. You may have to keep the bottle in warm water to melt the oil before use. (helloitsme)
  • If your child has tangly, curly, unruly hair, simply brush through conditioner after each shampoo and don't wash out - it leaves the hair tangle free with the added benefit that nits won't lay their eggs as the hair is too slippery! (pixierara)
  • Always use conditioner on your child's hair once they start school/nursery/playgroup. If there are headlice around they are more likely to slide from your child's hair. My hairdresser told me this tip years ago and it really works - my children have never had the dreaded lice, despite many outbreaks in their classes! (denizeo)
  • If it looks like it's going to be a hot day, cover your kids in suncream BEFORE they get their clothes on. Much less stressful... (looneymum)
  • If you've had a stressful day with your children and the atmosphere at bathtime is not as calm as you'd like, get into the bath with them. It works wonders, calms you down, and they just love being able to throw water at Mummy for once!
  • Get rid of the smell of sick with bicarbonate of soda. Mix a little bit in with warm water and rub it into the cleaned up vomit patch on your carpet. The smell and stain will disappear really quickly. (Moosh)
  • In hot weather, if your child suffers from eczema or heat rash keep all their skin creams in the fridge. That way the cream will cool them down rather than make them hotter. (muminaquandry)
  • If your baby has a runny nose, smear a bit of vaseline under his/her nostrils. It stop them getting all chapped and seems to prevent noses from running! (cameroonmama)
  • If a child is about to vomit the temptation is to hold them away from you... Resist! Having a shower is much easier than shampooing a carpet! (weeone)
  • Shaving foam is a life saver when dealing with lumpy sick. Spray it over the 'bits', leave it to go hard and then you can pick it up in one go! (vole3)
  • Make a simple heat pack by filling a cotton sock with plain, uncooked rice. Tie a knot at the end to secure, then microwave for two minutes. Apply to aching backs or sore tummies in labour. (mrsmalumbas)
  • Give your kids' teeth names of family or friends. It's great fun to 'give cousin Milo a good brush' and it gets their teeth really clean at the same time. (Lizz)
  • Play doctors/dentists at home with your children. This will get them used to what may happen at the surgery or in the big chair and makes it fun, not scary. (saiz)
  • A few tablespoons of Bicarbonate of Soda into baby's bath helps nappy rash. (Grommit)
  • Get your toddler to drink water instead of sqaush by using a sports water bottle. They'll love feeling grown up and won't notice that it's just water. (ggirl)
  • To keep track of when a poorly child had his last dose of medicine, stick a post-it note on the box and a pen inside to keep a note of the time it was given. Throw the note away when they're better! (SorenLorenson)
  • Chicken Pox: if you're finding it a battle to get the calomine lotion on your toddler, try making it a painting game with cotton buds. Now mine even asks for body painting time! (mammamic)
  • To make it easier to cut tiny fingernails, try it when they are asleep. It saves all that wriggling around. (pedilia)
  • If little ones have cracked and sore skin under their noses when they have a cold, put a little baby oil in a hanky. It makes the hanky softer and helps moisturise the sore bit. (gscrym)
  • If you child falls try this simple trick - it really works! As long as the skin is not broken, cut an onion in half and rub on the area, it will ensure minimum bruising! (dabihp)
  • To encourage regular and enthusiastic toothbrushing and hairwashing, let your older chidren choose their own toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo. (Tigermoth)
  • When your children have chicken pox or an itchy rash pour the calamine lotion into a clean spray bottle( if the lotion is a little too thick to spray just add a little water). You can get the lotion directly where you want it, it's quicker if you need to give them a thorough coating and it's a bit more fun! (Chiccadum)
  • Get your baby used to toothbrushes before they get teeth. Give them the smallest toothbrush you can find to chew on. Once their teeth come through brushing will be a natural progression. (MalmoMum)
  • When your child is having trouble sleeping because of a snuffly cold/cough try a vaporiser. They're not cheap but so good that we have one per child! (nmd)
  • Take your child to the dentist from when they get their first tooth. This makes any subsequent visits less scary (like the emergency dental treatment my child needed after slipping on a tiled floor!) (soraya)
  • After struggling to convince my two year old to take her antibiotics on a spoon and having her spit it everywhere, my husband disguised it by putting it in fruit juice and she drank it with no problems! (ellamum)
  • If your baby is breastfed, give it a feed when it has its innoculations - it's harder to cry with a mouthful and feeding can be very reassuring for both of you! (lynnw)
  • If you have a tetchy toddler with chickenpox, a great way to apply the clamine is with a paint brush. Better still, let the toddler to pain themselves! (JoeR)
  • If your child has eczema and scratches at night, sew a pair of cotton socks or mittens onto the arms of their babygrow or pyjamas, then they can't make themselves sore. (Bowesy)
  • If your toddler battles against cleaning their teeth, try buying them an electric toothbrush. Our son really thinks it's fun now, and it probably means his teeth get a better brushing too. (Mo2)
  • Keep a small ice pack in the freezer (one that can easily be held by a small child) for when fingers/hands get shut in doors. Easier than trying to get your child to hold their hand under the tap. (bluestar)
  • Before your baby has any teeth try giving them a soft baby toothbrush to play with/chew on. Once they have teeth, they will be used to the idea of a toothbrush and will be only too happy to let you clean them without a struggle. (sparkle)
  • If your baby has a cold, put two (equal sized) large books under the feet at the head of the cot - helps to stop them getting bunged up at night. Airport block buster type novels work well! (bossykate)
  • Keep the baby sheets from your moses basket and lay under an older baby's head when they have a cold. You can just change this daily instead of the whole sheet if it gets dirtied with snot. (indie)
  • I always carry a 'busy bag' in my handbag for when my 2yr and I are kept waiting (e.g. doctor's surgery, bank queues) and he starts to climb the walls with boredom. It contains small items such as toy car, colouring pencils, small notepad, pocket etch-a-sketch, yo-yo, etc. Whipped out at the right time, it can keep him busy for a good 20 minutes: just long enough to prevent world war 3!
  • I was getting fed up with chasing my 21-month son around the landing with a loaded toothbrush, now I brush his teeth while in the bath - there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!
  • When children have a high temperature they rarely want to drink, yet it's essential to give them fluids. One thing my children will never turn down is an ice pop! Perfect for this situation, it gives them fluid and is nice and cool. I always keep a box in the freezer for such an occasion.
  • If your baby has a rotten cold lift the cot at one end, using some books for example. Works well because the mucas runs away instead of blocking baby's nose.
  • We found that the best cure for nappy rash was olive oil. Dab cotton wool into a bowl of olive oil and spread generously on the baby's bottom - it works miracles! It works especially well overnight. (emilys)
  • Another tip for bad nappy rash. Separate an egg and wipe the egg white onto the area affected by nappy rash. This forms a breathable barrier while the rash heals and is more natural than nappy creams. (Benjie)
  • A well aimed squirt of breast milk into a sticky eye of a new born( or anyone for that matter) is fantastic at clearing up eye infections. (boo321)
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