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 Potty training

  • When your toddler gets fidgety whilst chaging his/her nappy, get them to point to their nose/eyes/ears/mouth to distract them. It works every time with my fidgety 18 month old. (ShellyR)
  • Paint a ping pong ball and place it in the toilet. Your son can then try to wee into the toilet onto the ping pong ball - it helps stop the wee going on the floor. (riles)
  • Use a shower curtain instead of a waterproof bedsheet when toilet training. The sheets always rip and its much better value! (etsmummy)
  • If you are going to replace your carpets, wait until after potty training. (domesticslattern)
  • When potty training decorate an old shoebox with stickers and put treats inside. Every time your child goes on the toilet they get a treat from the potty box. (smithy100)
  • Awkward nappy changers when out and about. Use either disposable or prefastened cloth as soon as they fit them, even if they aren't walking. Then whilst standing put the new nappy on before the old, then simply tear of the new one and pull up the old the last few inches. Then run after them with their trousers! (Honeydragon)
  • When toilet training little boys, put a small plastic ball in the toilet for them to aim at. A great game for your DS and no wee on the floor! (RickGhastley)
  • I invented the Potty Fairy who used to leave a small wrapped present at the end of the day for the child who used the potty instead of the nappy. (CrosswordAddict)
  • Potty Training - We bought our son a potty about a year before he would ever need it, and put it with his toys. Every so often we would tell him it was for peeing and pooing in then one day he decided he was peeing in it, and we never looked back! He practically potty trained himself because there was no pressure and he was comfortable with his potty :O) (Peedie87)
  • the best potty/toilet training results come when your child is 100% ready for this. work out a reward system and be very encouraging every time he or she needs to go to the toilet. sometimes its best to do the training during the summer months as your child can run around with just their knickers/underpants on which will make it easier when they need to rush to the potty and also less of a fuss if they have an accident. some children also prefer having a their own special junior toilet seat on the main toilet as opposed to a potty as they then feel like they are doing the same things as mum and dad. (djd101)
  • Addition to your baby change bag - when my two were little I always put old cot sheets or cut to size single flat sheets in my bag to cover the public baby change station, as they are not always clean! That way at least you know what you put your baby on is hygenic. Then once home wash on hot cycle. Hope this helps other mums/dads out there (SaraT73)
  • if you want a little one to use the potty for a poo get them to sit and blow bubbles or blow a trumpet this will stop them hanging on to it as you cant blow and nip at the same time (addie1968)
  • When you are changing a nappy, put the new one in position underneath your baby's bum before you undo and take off the old one. Then if there's fallout, the new one catches it! And it means you can do up the new one much faster... (moonbells)
  • Save a fortune on nappy sacks and go to your local council service point and get doggy poop bags, most councils give them out free!! They are very useful for storing dirty reuasable nappies when out and about!! (nesslassie)
  • When toilet training toddlers, put a chart in the toilet and every time they stay on it put a tick. After five ticks they can pick a sweetie from the jar. It works really well. (gingermitten)
  • If you have two children of different ages in nappies, buy different brands for them and then it's easy to tell which nappies are for which child. (somepoint)
  • when potty training/toilet training i found it an added bonus to dress my son in waterproof swimming pants (the ones with the towelling linings)instead of normal pants ... they are more absorbent than noraml pants so they can really help out for those little accidents and can easily be machined washed too. (jeanetteb672)
  • If you are potty training and your little one hasn't figured out how to do a 'number two' on the loo yet, you can use flushable liners (the kind you use in cotton nappies) to put in their knickers. You can tip the poo in the loo and it will make your washing a lot easier. (BlueberryPancake)
  • When changing the nappy of a toddler, I find it easier to do it standing up but this of course means his top gets in the way. To save taking it all off, if he's wearing a vest, close the poppers of the bit that's usually between his legs, over one of his shoulders. It keeps vest and tops all out of the way! (tweakers)
  • When potty training your toddler buy them pants that are one size too big to help them get them on and off quickly. (AttillaTheHan)
  • When potty training keep an old bath mat under the front of the potty to catch drips/spills before they hit the carpet. (inzidoodle)
  • Make a bed (from mattress up) waterproof sheet, fitted sheet, waterproof bed mat, fitted sheet for super-speedy middle-of-the-night accident handling. (PinkyBurgerhead)
  • potty - training - reward with success by sticking a sticker on the potty (anywhere it isn't a hygiene issue!) (cherub59)
  • When toilet training never leave the house without: 2 pairs trousers 2 pairs pants 2 pairs socks (they soak them) 2 plastic bags! packet baby wipes With that you are prepared for anything! (Raffiiscool)
  • Cheap nylon football shorts are excellent for potty training. They fold up very small to carry around, dry very quickly, are elasticated so your toddler can pull them up and down easily, cheap, and they are pretty vile so it doesn't matter if they get covered in poo! (jenniferturkington)
  • Potty Training? Recycle the small change mat that came free with your baby changing bag to make your own piddle pad for your child's car seat. Poke a hole in the middle with scissors, then cut lines above, below, to the left and right of the whole to make a cross shape, and then thread the between the legs harness through the cross shape hole. Recycling AND saving money :-) (MummyAbroad)
  • If your child wets the bed now and then, pop the following in a pillowcase: a fitted sheet and a disposable bed mat. Store under the bed. Then when you hear a sleepy wail and go to find the puddle you can quickly change the sheets and no have to go hunting for the right stuff with only one eye open with a cross wet child in toe. (whomovedmychocolate)
  • If you're potty training in the colder months, they can't run around naked. Try tracksuit bottoms - very absorbent and you are less likely to have little puddles everywhere. (bossypants)
  • Put two waterproof sheets on your child's bed at night so if they have an accident in the middle of the night all you have to do is peel one sheet off rather than searching for a new set of sheets. (AttillaTheHan)
  • Keep your child's clean bedding in the bottom of a wardrobe or in a spare drawer in their room. It's easier to find when you have to make an emergency night time change. (piximon)
  • If you are having trouble getting your toddler on the potty, stick pictures of wheels on the sides - now the potty is a car and much more fun to be on! (sockmonkey)
  • When potty training use jelly shoes or crocs (with socks in winter). If they have an accident and it invariably pours into their shoes, it's easy to change socks and rinse shoes! (Wags)
  • Instead of using baby wipes, fold two kitchen towels into four and soak with water. Make a huge pile of them, store them in a resealable sandwich bag and they stay moist and work brilliantly. (Fluffsuptheduff)
  • Forget babygrows or pjs with all those buttons when you're changing nappies every few hours at nighties are the way to go. No buttons, just pull it up, change the nappy, pull it down again and go back to sleep! (delprinces)
  • If you're potty training, bear in mind that service station hand driers are powerful enough to dry a hand-washed car seat cover in five minutes. Tried and tested on more than one occasion. (Flip)
  • While potty training out and about carry a potty with a prefold or terry square in it, the cloth will absorb all the pee so you can just discretely pop it in a plastic bag and replace it with a new cloth for next time rather than trying to find somewhere to empty and clean the potty before they need it again (Pink Tulip)
  • Whilst potty training carry a potty with a prefold or terry square in it, when you're out and about. Just dispose of the cloth and replace it rather than trying to find somewhere to empty and clean the potty. (Pink Tulip)
  • For potty training, try stamps with face paint - every successful visit gets a stamp on a hand. Your child has something to show off and he/she gets lots of encouragement. (onemum)
  • Store packs of wipes upside down. The moisture then filters back through the pack and even the first wipe you use is moist rather than dry compared to the bottom ones! (CarolWV)
  • Give your baby the clean nappy to hold whilst changing him/her. The nappy is light, easy to hold,has interesting textures to explore and covered in bright pictures. What's more, you always have a clean nappy to hand! (nell12)
  • If your child has wet the bed, don't panic! Cover the fresh stain with cat litter which will soak up the urine and absorb the odour. Remove the cat litter with a vacuum cleaner after a day and the crisis is over! (janedoe)
  • When nightime training your child buy two waterproof sheets and two fitted ones for the bed. Put waterproof sheet then fitted sheet, then the same again onto the bed. If there is an accident in the night you will only have to whip off one layer of sheets to reveal the second layer underneath. Much easier than trying to find clean bedding while half asleep (Bagpuss30)
  • When potty training buy plenty of cheap pants. If you're out and about and your child has an accident, you can just dispose of them rather than have to carry them around with you. (GemmaB)
  • if you child has wet the bed, don't panic! Cover the fresh stain with cat litter which will soak up the urine and absorb the odour. Remove the cat litter with a vacuum cleaner after a day and there will be no trace. (janedoe)
  • I try to ensure that whenever my toddler has a drink, I do too. Then I'm regularly prompted by by own need to go to the loo, that she may also be ready -it seems to work! (winniefree)
  • When potty training get your child to choose his/her own underwear and make a big deal about them wearing it. They will feel so proud and grown-up and it adds an incentive not to wet their pants! (Rhubarb)
  • We are potty-training my daughter at the moment and sometimes she refuses to wear her nappies (even pull-ups she says are nappies). But I got some knickers that are too big and she will wear her knickers with liners (as that is alright because mummy does sometimes). (patch)
  • Save potty training until the Summer. There's less clothing to whip off at the crucial moment. Not to mention less washing if you're too late. (yellowhair)
  • I was getting desperate about my son (nearly five) who was never dry at night. All the books said don't try him without a nappy until he has one dry night - his nappy was sodden every morning. I started to cut down on drinks, tried lifting him at 11 pm, talked to him about it but nothing worked. In the end I gave up. Suddenly he started to be dry. I believe it is purely a physical development thing that happens when the child is ready! (Lauram)
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