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 Twins and Multiples

  • Never, ever try to toilet train twins at the same time. Neither you nor the carpets will survive! (car2)
  • For mothers with twins, ward off fights by having quiet time every day for each child to spend some time alone, reading or working on a craft project. (motormouth)
  • my tips for parents of twins -Twins are two completely different people so treat each child separately and individually .Each child has different interests, tastes, so it is a mistake to buy them for example the same gifts. Twins should wear different clothes or the same clothes but in different colours. (marzutek)
  • When bottle feeding twins put them into bouncy chairs with the toy bars removed. Sit on the floor in between them and facing them with your back against a wall or sofa and feed. (vicstar7)
  • Some nursery nurse/ nanny training colleges like their students to get work experience with twin babies so they will come and help for four hours a day. Try for one in advance though, they get very booked up. (Robbie)
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