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  • If your teen's latest choice of music is driving you mad here's what to do: go into his room while The Butt Monkeys are shrieking away and start a quick boogie. Say 'Hey, this isn't bad' and 'Does the lead singer still have that tattoo on his testicle?' The next day you'll find their CD in the bin. FACT. (Frizzbonce)
  • My best tip for dealing with teenage angst is to tell your child a similar story from your teenage years so they realise their feelings are normal! (Cammelia)
  • Change the wifi password, and tell the DCs they can find out what it is once they've tidied their rooms, done their homework, hoovered... (DumSpiroSpero)
  • Don't forget to take lots of photos when your teenagers sport the latest, wierdest fashions. You never know when you'll want to embarass them in the future! (tigermoth)
  • Whether they are three or thirteen, babies or teenagers, never forget the mantra: It's just a phase. This, too, will pass. (WigWamBam)
  • Halloween Special: A kid turned up not dressed as anything, so we told him to at least put his jumper over his head and pretend to be a headless ghost. That's when he ran away. (Cappuccino)
  • Halloween special: Be careful buying 'spooky sounds' CDs. I bought one once that sounded like the soundtrack to a snuff movie. It reduced my hard-nut Goth of a daughter to tears and totally creeped me out too. (GrumpyOldHorsewoman)
  • To save your sanity, don't let them find out about Facebook! (SchrodingersMew)
  • If your teen girl starts wearing her clothes in suggestive ways (e.g. t-shirt tied up at side showing ALL her tummy) say nothing. Get everyone else in the house to copy it; the sight of DH and I with our belly's on show seems to have an immediate affect. (Pamelaar)
  • Do you have bored teenagers? Why not ask them to devise a menu, shop for it and cook it together. It may even encourage them to crawl out their beds in the holidays... (keriku)
  • Don't worry - teenagers start to become human around the age of 22. (joannie)
  • Moody, stroppy teenager? Telling them you feel wounded by their behaviour/comments and need to be left alone with your thoughts generates such shock they usually just shut up or behave! (JayneyP)
  • I brought a cheap spray bottle from a home store - and keep it filled with water in the bathroom. Its perfect for tackling my sons' sticky up hair in the morning before school. (iloveblue)
  • Get your child to WORK for their pocket money. Make a chart with different things chores on it. Perhaps on Mondays it would be washing up and hoovering, Tuesdays, Spraying and gardening? And on each of those jobs have a price under it, such as 50p for cleaning up the leaves, or 40p for washing up etc. That way, they get a choice to do one, plus they're building up their money which all kids want to do. Works better with pre-teens/early teens lol. (Rachelmurray)
  • If your teenager uses a locker to store their stuff at school, keep the spare key safely at home in case they lose the original. It's also good to have a spare set for emergencies - prevents the angst and expense of text books and sports stuff going missing. (tigermoth)
  • Give your teenagers lots of plastic boxes in different sizes all named:for example:books,CD's,DVD's,Important,Make-Up etc it helps them to keep their rooms organised,When cleaning their rooms it makes it easier for you place items then without them having to ask where you have moved it to. (twirlywhirly)
  • Kids' motivations don't change as much as you would think. Teenagers love their certificates, pictures, etc on the wall just as much as a toddler does. (custardo)
  • Make sure that your teenager's friends think you are brilliant - that way they keep your child in line when they are acting up. It's much more effective than anything you can say to them, peer pressure is everything at that age. (mrspnut)
  • For children who are reluctant to do homework - get them to devise their own timetable on the day they receive it, and write down a reward each time a task is done on time. Works better than nagging! (sphil)
  • If your teenagers spend to long in the bathroom in the morning try hanging up a huge clock on the bathroom wall. You wont need to say anything about why you've done this or they may subvert the wicked plan on purpose. it's just a reminder as to how much time is passing. Very effective, I find. (nitsparty)
  • Kids' motivations don't change as much as you would think. Teenagers love their certificates and pictures on the wall just as much as toddlers do. (custardo)
  • My teenager takes packed lunches occasionally in return for his £2 a day dinner money as extra pocket money. He's happy and it saves me money. (SimplySparkling)
  • Write your secondary-school aged children's schedules up separately on a large piece of paper and put them up in the hallway. (Custardo)
  • Living with young adults who refuse to take the first steps into the big wide world? Put the house on the market and move to a smaller one that just doesn't have room for them. Best thing I ever did for me and my kids. (Leedjenks)
  • Remember to let your teenagers know that you still love and care for them, no matter how unreasonable they seem. This helps them to feel safe, secure and guilty when they are considering their actions. (curry)
  • If your 16 year old is keen to get a flat with friends, let them. Ours was back inside a month. He found it too expensive, too hard and he missed mums cooking! (jax)
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