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  • We got our 18 month old to wear his new glasses by letting him water the garden. Instant reward for wearing them was to get to hold the hose plus it kept his hands busy. Within 5 minutes he had forgotten the glasses and wore them for the rest of the evening. Just prepare to get VERY wet. But we were both dancing in the hose-rain while he was grinning in his glasses. (firsttimekaty)
  • Don't drunkenly tell your in-laws your MN nickname. Even if they never look you up, the fear will take over your life. (lawrieisluckybutnickyisnicer)
  • Smile more! (queenvic1)
  • If your child has chicken pox, keep the calamine lotion in the fridge. It makes it far more cooling and soothing. (Coops)
  • Remember: you are in charge; not your children. It's so easy to forget sometimes... (FrazzledFairyFay)
  • Check inside your shoes BEFORE putting your feet in them.... (NormaSknockers)
  • Never do the food shopping on an empty stomach without a shopping list! (jotc13)
  • We've used muslins as comforters for baby since she was born. The good thing is that you can buy them in packs, so if one gets lost it's easy and cheap to replace. (gillsa)
  • If you freeze things in freezer bags, place them in a tupperware box until frozen, so that they are square and stack more easily. (hanaflower)
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