Ways to donate to Railway Children

We're really excited to be working with Aviva to help raise awareness for Railway Children, and we really want you to get involved. To help, Aviva have promised to donate £2 for every time you get involved in the campaign.

So far you've raised

Aviva will donate £2 for each of these activities:

  1. Every time you contribute to a sponsored discussion or Q&A about Railway Children and the issue of young runaways.*
  2. Every time you 'recommend' or 'like' any content or threads relating to Railway Children on site.
  3. Every time you sign up for more information here.
  4. We want you spend some time reading more about the issue here. So every time you take some time to look through Railway Children's content, you could help donate £2.**


*Max one survey response per person. * Comments only count if they contribute to the discussion as a whole, and a maximum of three comments per user per thread. ** A £2 donation will be triggered every time a unique user dwells on the Railway Children content for 90 seconds or more, a unique user can only be counted once in a 24-hour period 


Last updated: almost 2 years ago