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Joie Chrome DLX review

For under £400 (including a carrycot), the Chrome DLX is a steal. While it might not be the flashiest of designs, it more than does the job.

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The Joie Chrome is a sturdy pushchair that offers great value for money. After three months of testing, it held it's own against much flashier – and more expensive travel systems.

Joie Chrome DLX review

This pushchair is sturdy. So sturdy, it would probably stay upright in a hurricane (disclaimer: we did not test it in a hurricane). After piling bags and a child onto this pushchair it remained as unshakable as ever, which is great news if you like to take a lot with you. But this doesn't mean it's clunky; in fact, we found the Chrome DLX fine to manoeuvre and it performed particularly well on rough terrain thanks to the full suspension and large tyres.

Joie Chrome DLX

We loved its fold – one of our favourites in the category – and the fact that you can add a seemingly infinite number of bags without the pushchair toppling over. It’s an excellent off-roader with a extra big sunshade.

Joie refer to the system’s “gravity fold” – gravity does the work for you as the pushchair collapses down and automatically locks. Handily this can be done with the seat still attached, giving you extra room in the boot without having to bring it separately.

If you're looking for a pushchair for a newborn, we’d definitely recommend you buy the carrycot. While toddler the seat does recline fully, it didn't feel comfortable enough for a newborn over long periods of time, and we're not sure the straps would hold them upright. The carrycot is a good size and you can usually get a package which includes one with the pushchair for under £400.

For slightly older babies, the recline on the toddler seat is great. It's super smooth and would be perfect for adjusting napping tots without waking them.

As you'd expect, the Chrome DLX is compatible with Joie car seats i-Level, Gemm and i-Gemm, all of which are perfectly good baby car seats. The DLX also comes with Maxi-Cosi adapters, which give you a number of extra car seat options.

While the it functions well, it might not turn heads in the way that the Bugaboo Fox will, and there are a few little niggles that you might want to watch out for. The car seat can be fiddly to attach. We also found that the harness tended to loosen over time.

Despite these restrictions, for under £400 this is a budget pushchair which does what it says on the tin (and does it well).

The Specs

Suitable from: Birth – 17 kg
Weight: 12.7 kg
Folded Dimensions: L93cm x W59.8cm x H38.5cm
RRP: £400 (including carrycot)
Resale value: £80
Compatible with (car seat): Joie Gemm, Joie i-Gemm, Joie i-Level, and others with the Maxi-Cosi adapters.

Available in Pavement, Dots, and Cranberry.

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