Best Easy Adjustment Toddler Car Seat 2018

Graco Milestone review

The Graco Milestone is an excellent workhorse, with an ease of adjustment that’s second to none

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Graco’s Milestone car seat is an absolute dream to adjust. Whether you’re frequently converting it to suit different age groups, or adjusting the recline, straps or facing direction, it’s easy to move the seat from one state to another. Although the design does leave something to be desired, this is a hard-working, hard-wearing car seat that will definitely stand the test of time.

The Milestone is suitable for all age groups, and converting from one to another couldn’t be simpler. You don’t even have to take the seat out of the car to go from infant to toddler; just remove the infant insert, pull the straps through and you’re good to go. The headrest is easily adjusted with a handle on top, and can be slid up and down to get a perfect fit. Likewise, the recline is fantastic; a label on the side of the seat shows you how to position the recline depending on the weight of your baby, so you can rest assured knowing they’ll be able to snooze through the journey.

The rear-facing position can be used up until your child weighs 13kg, but once you’re ready to move to forward-facing, you will have to take the seat out of the car. Luckily, it’s relatively light; at 8kg, it’s nowhere near the heaviest seat we tested. To securely attach the car seat, Graco has provided clear instructions on how to use the seat belt. One downside to the Milestone is that it doesn’t use Isofix, and some parents may feel uneasy about that. However, no car seat is sold without stringent safety tests, and the seat did feel extremely secure to us, so as long as you follow the instructions there should be no problems whatsoever.

We found the straps easy to adjust even with a fighting baby; they extend well and the strap covers are sticky to help hold them in place.

I have a Graco Milestone and love it. So easy to fit and suitable from birth to 12 years. I use it daily for my three-year-old but have also used it with a seven- and four-year-old

The size of the seat was also a winner. It’s quite a boxy seat, and doesn’t feel small, but its square shape means it can easily fit alongside other car seats. Our tester put it in the middle of the back seat and was still able to see out of the back. In terms of the seat itself, the myriad of adjustment options make it easy to alter to suit your child—so they won’t be swimming in it, or at all squashed. It’s not the most luxurious of seats but our mini-testers had no complaints, and the baby had a good sleep in it.

The Milestone is built to last, and this translates to how it washes. You don’t have to remove the straps, saving you time and energy, and the fabric wipes down well. We expect it would look much the same after a few years. And while the design is slightly old-fashioned (or ‘classic’, if you prefer), in terms of functionality it will stand the test of time.

The Specs

Suitable from: Birth to 12 years
Weight: 8.7kg
Dimensions: L52 x W45 x D65cm
RRP: £150

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  • Best Easy Adjustment Toddler Car Seat 2018


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