Each of the swaddles was thoroughly tested (and snoozed in) over a week to see how it fared through the trials and tribulations of newborn sleep. We looked at the material it was made from, whether it kept them at a safe and comfortable temperature, and of course how comfortable and happy our mini-tester really was.

We checked safety, ensuring the material and the way the swaddle was made would securely do its job, and whether the baby could slip further in or out of the swaddle during use – either of which is obviously a big no-no.

We also put each through its paces for ease of use generally, including how simple it was to swaddle in the first place, and then how easy it is to change a nappy while your baby is wrapped up. This included our ‘night-time test’, where we asked our tester to wrap her baby in the dark, imagining they’d had one of their (inevitable) 2am nappy changes. We asked whether she could do it without thinking, how long it took and whether you really do need to see what you’re doing to get it right.

We analysed the materials used, not only for durability but also appearance, including whether there were multiple colours or designs and whether there was enough of a range to suit everyone.

Having scored the swaddles on the above criteria, we then added into the equation their price and their longevity (the maximum age or weight) to work out which was really the best value for the amount of money spent.

Why you should trust us

Mumsnet has been helping parents make their lives easier since 2000 and in those years we’ve seen, tried and reviewed thousands of products for all ages. We’ve watched safety features and engineering become more and more slick, as well as safety laws become more advanced. We tested each of these swaddles with real children in real situations, and we’re confident that our testing left no stone unturned.


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