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Nuby Natural Touch Mini Travel Steriliser Review

Looking to sterilise while you're on the move? The Nuby Natural Touch is the perfect remedy

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Does the idea of travelling with a baby make you come out in cold sweats? It can seem an impossible task, not least because of the amount of baggage a baby needs. Well, we’re happy to report that you can knock a travel steriliser off your worry list: the Nuby Natural Touch Compact Steriliser ticks all the right boxes.

Travel sterilising solutions are either small cold water/microwave containers, or microwave sterilising bags: as their names suggest, many are limited by needing access to a microwave, which isn’t always possible outdoors or in hotels. The Nuby performs well as a microwave steamer, but also doubles up as a cold water container, so it can be used in an emergency wherever you are.

Nuby Natural Touch compact travel steriliser

Standing at 10cm tall and 25cm wide, the Nuby won’t take up much room in your luggage and will fit in the smallest of microwaves. But, unlike other travel sterilisers, it’s big enough to handle two bottles, or a bottle and a breast pump: much more useful when you’re away from home.

Day-to-day, the Nuby works reliably and is solidly designed: the BPA-free plastic is robust, the lid is held on by clips (so less chance of burning fingers), and there’s a parts tray sitting at the bottom to allow the steam to circulate efficiently.

And at only £11.49, we reckon you’ll spend more on sun cream than on this handy little holiday essential.

The Specs

BPA-free materials.
Included: steriliser, parts tray.
RRP: £11.49

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