After a survey of the market, we chose 15 of the most popular sterilising solutions, making sure to include a mixture of electric, microwave, cold water and travel solutions. Our research took in the market leaders, as well as the most highly rated both on Mumsnet and across the internet.

The sterilisers were kept on kitchen counters and (where possible) in cupboards and on shelves; in places where they would be knocked by other kitchen items, and where they would be frequently splashed by the sink and flecked with food. We sterilised bottles of all shapes and sizes, various brands of breastpump, as well as chew toys and utensils. We assessed each steriliser on the grounds of safety, durability and ease of use, studying instruction manuals and looking at each manufacturer’s website to find helpful information.

Electric sterilisers are prone to limescale build-up; as our tester lives in a hard water area, we were able to test this personally.

We made a rough assessment of energy usage (and hence price per use) – an interesting comparison between microwaves, electric sterilisers and the continued cost of sterilising tablets.

Finally we assessed price and availability, and scored each steriliser to find out which was our best all-round performer, and which four deserved honourable mentions.

Why you should trust us

Our tester is a busy mum-of-three, and tested the sterilisers when her newest addition was between a few days and four months old. Her baby assistant, a combination feeder, has produced large numbers of bottles to sterilise since birth, and began to teethe towards the end of the testing period, throwing teething rings and chew toys into the mix. Our tester also used breastpumps frequently, sterilising a wide variety of brands.


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