Toomies bath toys win Mumsnet Rated

Toomies bath toys win Mumsnet Rated

We put Mumsnetters to the task of testing Toomies toys in the bath with their children – 87% said they would recommend them to a friend, so we awarded them a coveted Mumsnet Rated badge

Bathtime can be a nightmare – whether you've got a toddler who loves to make a soap-covered break for it or a downright bath refuser on your hands, it can be a challenging time of day for everyone. However, with the right tools in your arsenal, it can be a lot easier to keep small children entertained while they're in the water.

Interestingly, when we asked our testers what the typical role of bath time was for their family, 43% said it was for extended play time, 26% said it was for calming or wind down time, and 23% said it was family or quality time together. Only 6% said it purely had a hygiene purpose, which is why the role of bath toys and water play is so important.

TOMY Toomies bath toys are designed to keep children entertained (and keep adults sane), making sure bath time can be fun again. These bath toys have been created to last a lifetime – bath routines will never be the same again.

Which Toomies bath toys did our Mumsnetters test?

Octopals, £7.98


This 10-part playset includes a floating island, eight multi-coloured characters and Mum Tala the Octopus in the middle. Dunk any one of the Octopals in the bath tub, give him a squeeze, and you've got yourself a water squirter. Easy to handle and made of durable material, Octopals will help develop your child’s motor skills, dexterity and water confidence. No batteries required. Suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

Fountain Rocket, £9.74


Simply immerse this spaceship in the bath and then hold it up high to let the water shower out in a dome shape. Plus, spot the stowaway alien on board looking out through the porthole. Designed to get little ones used to getting their hair wet and including bright colours to stimulate the senses, your children will develop motor skills as they explore the rocket and its workings. It comes with easy grip fins that double as a stand when not in use. No batteries required. Suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

Foam Cone Factory, £20

Ice cream

For slightly older children, this nifty toy sticks on the bathroom wall or the sides of your tub and only needs a little bubble bath and water to operate. Kids can concoct their own pretend ice creams by dripping a few drops of bubble bath into the top, adding water, and pulling the lever. Ideal for distracting children as they gain confidence in the water, the Foam Cone Factory will promote collaborative role play and help refine motor skills. No batteries required. Suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

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What did Mumsnetters think?

Toomies bath toys have been awarded a Mumsnet Rated badge, with Mumsnetters particularly loving their simplicity, fun factor and bright colours. In order to qualify for the badge, a product needs 75% of testers to say they would buy the product again and 75% to say they would recommend it to someone else. With 85% of our testers saying they were satisfied with Toomies bath toys, and 87% saying they would recommend them to a friend, they've easily surpassed this benchmark – find out what the testers had to say below.

“A little bit of bubble bath lasts ages in the Toomies Foam Cone Factory, and my child had so much fun that he actually didn’t want to get out because he was so busy making us all bubble ice creams.”

“My children absolutely loved playing with the Toomies Fountain Rocket. They had great fun filling it up and creating fountains of water. The only problem I had was it is very messy as the water was going outside the bath a lot, but we played with it in the paddling pool too, which was better.”

“My baby loved the Octopals. She enjoyed squirting with the mini octopi, and loved the bright colours.”

When broken down by the specific toys they tested, Toomies Octopals performed best, with 96% of testers saying they were satisfied with the toy and 98% saying they would recommend. 82% of the testers of Toomies Fountain Rocket were satisfied with the toy and 84% said they would recommend, and 77% of Toomies Foam Cone Factory testers said they were satisfied and 79% would recommend to a friend.

What Toomies had to say:

“We are delighted to have been awarded the Mumsnet Rated Badge with such fantastic feedback on our bath toys. This certification has reaffirmed what we truly believe about our TOMY Toomies bath toys – that they are great toys full of features and little surprises that will delight both parent and child.”

This product test was open to all UK MNers who have at least one child aged between 12-24 months. Selected testers received one toy to try out.

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