Netwealth wins Mumsnet Rated

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It’s easy to put off saving for the future when talk of investments and portfolios can leave you feeling quite baffled. Even if you understand your day-to-day spending, longer-term financial planning can seem quite complex.

New providers are breaking down some of these barriers and making it much easier to plan for the future. Netwealth for example is a modern wealth manager led by a team of experts with a technology-enhanced approach to create a user-friendly and accessible investment experience. Mumsnet users tested the online planning tools and found it was very simple to invest with Netwealth. In fact, 96% of Mumsnet users would recommend the Netwealth service to their friends and family.

Who is Netwealth?

Netwealth’s combination of a highly qualified team, online service and robust investment framework offers the client much lower costs, as well as exceptional transparency and flexibility when it comes to savings and investments. Their online tools allow you to set up investment goals to align with your individual saving needs, as well as giving insight into the daily portfolio performance. And if you need help with creating the best investment plan for you and your family, they have a team of qualified advisers to guide you along the way.

What do Mumsnet users think?

We're looking to change a couple of our investments in the future and Netwealth is a certainly an avenue we'll consider.

It definitely woke me up to how I should be investing for my future. I liked that you could see how and where your investments were made up so you can take an interest in the relevant companies.

It was easy to use and a great tool to work out the best strategy going forwards to make the most of your finances.

I would recommend Netwealth to friends and family members who already have investments or have a decent idea of how they intend to manage their investments and are looking at finding a more cost-effective way of doing this.

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Try their online investment tools today at Netwealth, or ask them a question at to find out more.

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