Keetoo wins Mumsnet Rated

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Parents have spoken and awarded Keetoo a coveted Mumsnet Rated accreditation. Mumsnet users tried out the app over a two-week period and 90% said they would recommend it to family and friends.

Days out can be exciting and rewarding, but the cost can sometimes make us think twice, especially in big (and pricey) cities like London.

To make a small saving, you'll usually have to pre-book before printing out what feels like hundreds of tickets for specific dates and times (and, of course, specific venues), which can be a minor headache to say the least.

What is Keetoo?

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Keetoo is a UK start-up focused on making family days out convenient, flexible and, most importantly, affordable.

Developed by founders with families of their own, they understand the difficulties of organising a day out with the kids, the sudden change of plans due to illness or bad weather, not to mention the ever-increasing costs of such an adventure.

Launched earlier this year, Keetoo's mission is to make days out in London as easy as possible for parents. It gets rid of the need to buy tickets to specifics venues or to pre-book specific dates and times. There's no booking or pre-planning required, allowing you the flexibility to go wherever you want, when you want, all while offering great savings too.

For £39 per adult and £23 per child, you can visit any TWO of the listed London attractions on a day that works for you. No fixed times, no fixed combinations, just turn up to your chosen venue, decide as you arrive and have some fun.

After visiting your first attraction, you’ll have 10 days to visit the second, just in case you want to take things a little slower. Plus, all the information you need, including your tickets for entry, are stored within the Keetoo app. As an added extra, you can also benefit from FREE starters or desserts at selected restaurants with every main meal you purchase.

Download Keetoo to visit any 2 London attractions for £39

Here's what Mumsnet users have to say

“The app itself is simple and easy to navigate. Great amount of information on there to help make plans… we had zero problems and a great family day. Very impressed.”

“The fact that we didn't have to book a set time for the museum was great. Also, we got an email later in the day showing us how much we saved (if we had paid for the credits). £67, so well worth it!”

“I liked free calamari in the Rainforest Cafe. Usually £20!”

“I think it's a brilliant concept”

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“The app was great! No issues at all and the email I got after I'd used it said we'd saved nearly £36.”

“I liked that all of our attraction tickets were in one place – no pieces of paper to lose or scrabbling around trying to find different email confirmations. I also liked the idea of being able to buy discounted attraction tickets with the flexibility to use them on any day I chose. We actually cancelled our initial plan to travel to London because the weather forecast was for torrential rain and went the following weekend instead.”

“As chief organiser in the family, I find I will often have numerous emails relating to a day out – travel tickets, restaurant bookings, entry tickets etc – and it can be a pain to retrieve them individually. Keetoo is convenient and cost-effective.”

“It represented good value for money when compared to the admission costs, but also I really liked how easy it was to use.”

“I would absolutely recommend this app to family and friends and I have already done so. Having now tested the app last weekend I can really appreciate the concept. With two young kids it's a struggle getting anywhere on time. So I loved the fact that you can leisurely decide what you want to do even up until the last minute.”

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“I liked that I didn’t have to use my bank card or worry about carrying around printed-out tickets before reaching the attractions.”

“My daughter loved seeing the Crown Jewels and we learnt so much at Body Worlds. Now off to buy more credits…”

“The cost alone would be enough to spread the word. I will be telling friends and family about this great app, especially my friends from the school as it's something fun to get up to in the holidays and at weekends.”

“I will definitely be talking very highly of the app to family and friends.”

Here's what Keetoo have to say

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“We’re over the moon that Keetoo has received such a positive response from Mumsnetters and has gone on to receive the 'Mumsnet Rated' accreditation for providing an affordable, accessible and flexible solution to days out in London.

Over 90% of Mumsnetters would recommend Keetoo to friends or family and we couldn’t be happier!

We've already started to add some of the additional features that have been requested from the great insight we’ve received, like increasing the time from 48 hours to 10 days to visit the
second attraction. Oh and don’t worry, we’re also continuing to add more attractions and restaurants to the app all the time."

Visit Keetoo to find out more.

30 Mumsnet testers tried out Keetoo: 90% would recommend.