Cushelle Facial Tissues win Mumsnet Rated

27 March 2020

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What's more frustrating than finding little white pieces of tissue on what should be freshly-washed, clean clothes? Not much. Our panel of Mumsnet users tested out new Cushelle Facial Tissues and 95% of users would recommend them.

What are Cushelle Facial Tissues?

It's hard to imagine a way the standard facial tissue can be improved, but Cushelle has managed it. Cushelle's new facial tissues don't break apart in the washing machine and leave fluffy residue on clothing – meaning they're perfect for busy families who don't have the time to faff about with a lint roller.

They come in pocket packs of 10 (handy if you're on the go) and also cube and boxed formats to place around the house. The boxes also come in four different designs, ideal for any room in the house – no matter your taste in home decor.

cushelle tissues

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What do Mumsnet users have to say about Cushelle Facial Tissues?

Really handy, very nice and soft. Design on the box is attractive and looks great on the side table. Would purchase happily.

Perfect timing as the whole house has had colds! We all liked them, the packaging was really appealing.

I actually washed one of these with some towels to try it out and they held up really well. No bits of fluff.

OMG these tissues are amazing!

Super soft (great for little noses and big ones too). Stopped my toddler getting a red sore nose when he's all snotty and full of cold. Very strong, didn't break when full of snot. They claimed to be washing-machine-resistant. I was dubious, but they actually are.

I found them really strong and also soft. I also found one lasted a bit longer than the tissues I would usually use – probably because they're a bit stronger.

I absolutely loved them! As soon as you pull the first tissue from the box you can tell it is a premium product. I loved how strong they were and how soft they were without the need for the balm that stops your nose from getting sore with constant wiping/nose blowing but which also stops the tissue from being as absorbent. Cushelle has outdone everything already on the market in my opinion.

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What does Cushelle have to say?

“Here at Cushelle we are thrilled to hear that consumers love Cushelle Facial Tissues just as much as Kenny does! We have made them soft, strong and washing-machine-resistant, ideal for when a tissue is accidentally left in a pocket.”

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