Top five vacuum cleaners

For those considering investing in a new vacuum cleaner, we've rounded up the top picks based on Mumsnetters' reviews.

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1. Miele Cat and Dog, £239.33


Another Mumsnet Best, the Miele Cat and Dog is a firm favourite with pet owners on a never-ending mission to keep their homes hair-free.

"I'm so pleased with this vacuum cleaner. We have a black dog with medium length hair that sheds a lot, as well as two children. It is very powerful indeed and picks up a lot more than previous vacuum cleaners I've had. I was on the verge of binning a white rug which it has rescued!" 

"The lead is a really good length and the attachments are useful for soft furnishings and those difficult nooks and crannies. The quiet function is great, as is the rug function. It also actually removes odours, as has been tested by wet dogs!" 

You can find out how Mumsnetters got on with Miele's products in their reviews of the G6410 Dishwasherthe WMH120 Washing Machine and the Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaners.

If you are interested in any of the above products then Miele are delighted to offer you an exclusive 20% discount. Please use "Mumsnet20" upon checkout to claim your discount.

2. Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine, £300

Another nifty Miele, this model is highly recommended for allergy sufferers due to its turbo head. 

"Regular vacuuming with this has significantly reduced the symptoms of my daughter's allergies to pet hair and pollen - she has been sneezing less, and even less wheezy when we've had the doors and windows open and when playing outside."

"I would thoroughly recommend it for allergy sufferers as the dust collection and containment is excellent. All in all a great vacuum."

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3. Numatic Henry, £94.48

If there's one man Mumsnetters are (almost) guaranteed never to post on AIBU about, it's Henry. He's a bargain, and efficient, and always accompanied by a resolutely cheerful expression - and it's won him a coveted Mumsnet Best award.

"Genius Hoover: great suction, easy to use, long extension lead, and you can pull it along by the nose!"

"Pretty sure my Henry is over nine years old and he is still going strong. He's hoovered up brick dust, plaster, cooking disasters and massive spiders and I wouldn't even consider another."

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4. Vax Air Total Home C89-MA-T, £190.79


Mumsnetters rate this vacuum cleaner on account of it being so lightweight, and (mercifully) quiet.

"I'm deeply in love with my VAX C89-MA-T. This lightweight vacuum cleaner is powerful but at the same time quiet, which is so nice after noisy Dyson. It is easy to assemble and easy to use."

"Very easy to use, lightweight, goes under the furniture with ease and turns a corner with a slight twist (I can't believe how this actually makes such a difference to using a vacuum!)"

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5. AEG AG941 Ergorapido 2-in-1 with Lithium, £229.99


This flexible vacuum cleaner helps you fight dust and dirt in hard-to-reach places thanks to its lack of cord and lightweight design.

"It makes vacuuming much quicker and easier and is fabulous if you've lots of stairs in your house. It looks lovely - all modern and slimline - and it has a removable hand held vacuum which means you can stop and pick up crumbs from sofas with ease. Put it back on charge when you've finished and it'll be ready to go again when you next need it."

"On first glance I thought the lights on the front were pointless, but they provide great visibility for fluff in the dark corners! It is perfect for the family - the middle vacuum is great for popping out for a quick cleanup and the actual vacuum is completely cordless which is a life saver!"

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Prices are correct as of 06/1/16

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