Top 5 baby carriers and slings

A brilliant way to bond with baby, these are the top carriers and slings as recommended by Mumsnetters

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1. Amawrap, £39.99

Mumsnet Best Buy: ergonomic, compact and available in a wide range of colours

"It gives me the freedom to use both hands whilst holding my baby, and it's portable too so I can pop it in my change bag. It also washes well."

"Great service - the website includes instruction videos and there's a wide choice of soft material to choose from."

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2. Sleepy Nico Baby Carrier, £79.00


Mumsnet Best Buy: proof that safe, supportive slings don't have to be boring

"It has just the right amount of padding so it is comfortable to wear all day but not so much that it is too bulky to pop in my bag."

"It's super stylish and durable. It's very easy to adjust the handles to get a snuggle or spacious fit depending on your requirements."

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3. Wacotto Compact Baby Sling, £45.00

Mumsnet Best Buy: cleverly doubles as a scarf 

"My little boy loves it, he's close up and chats away to me while we walk around the shops or whatever we're up to. I love it too as his weight is not all on my back and shoulders, so it's comfy to wear."

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4. SUPPORi Sling Sling, £43.00

Mumsnet Best Buy: designed to take the strain off your back with better weight distribution

"The fabric is designed to take a lot of weight when you position it properly across your shoulder. It means you can carry your baby for a long period of time."

"It's easy to use and folds up so small when I don't need it. Perfect for going out and about with a little baby who can't decide if they want to be in or out of the pram!"

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5. Pittari Sling, £53.00

Mumsnet Best Buy: stylish but practical - the belt closure means no wrestling to tie it

"I love the belt closure, versus having to faff around with a ton of fabric. With two older kids I'm always on the go and this was just a life saver in so many ways."

"The fabric is super soft and breathable so it's great in warmer weather."

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Prices correct as of 21/10/15

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