Mumsnet reviews: gift ideas for one-year-olds

Wooden toys

Gift-buying for a one-year-old can be surprisingly tricky - but have no fear, the hive mind is here.

To give those embarking on this most exacting of retail quests some ideas, we've rounded up Mumsnetters' best buys from our Reviews section. Do please pop over and post your own review if you spot any glaring omissions...


Toys and games

Tomy Hide'n'Squeak EggsTomy Hide'n'Squeak Eggs

"I bought these for my daughter when she was 11 months old. She absolutely loved the eggs and has played with them throughout the last year. Now she's almost two, she's starting to match the colours up from the egg inside to the face on the outside, so it's a really great learning tool."


Stacking cupsEarly Learning Centre Stacking Cups

"These are the most versatile toy we own. They're a holiday essential as they double up as bath toys, stackers, pourers, sand fillers, pretend kitchen cups, on and on the list goes... oh, and they are cheap!" 


Hippychick wheelybug ladybirdHippychick Wheelybug Ladybird

"This was the best first birthday present and is still going strong even though our daughter is now almost three. We actually had to hide it from her for a while as she preferred using the Wheelybug to walking!"


Early Learning Centre toybox rangeEarly Learning Centre Toybox range

"These figures were a huge hit with my 12-month-old. They're blocky and sturdy, perfect for little hands, with nobbly ears for chewing. The train trundles along and plays music; it took a little longer for her to warm to it, but it's now also a hit. The plastic is nice - thick and moulded - and the colours are bright and non-gendered."


Fisher Price Noah's ArkFisher Price Noah's Ark

We bought this for our daughter's first birthday and she has loved it ever since. She still plays with it now, aged three, and used to take the giraffes and zebras everywhere with her, which was very sweet!



The Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Very Hungry Caterpillar

"I had this book as a child and it was a favourite, so naturally it was one of the first I bought to read to DD. It's a book she has enjoyed over time and will develop in the future. From being able to help me turn the pages to pointing at items on the pages, now she's saying what they are. A book that will be treasured for generations."


Dear ZooDear Zoo

"This was my favourite book as a very small child, and both of mine have loved it as well. My son adores it and screams with delight at every page. He spends ages flicking through it on his own and giggling. He learnt to make all the animal noises quite early on. Others by Rod Campbell have been similarly loved."



"This has to be the finest baby book ever written; beautiful illustrations with so many wonderful details to look for, as well as gorgeous and evocative rhymes on every page. A confession - it is so well done it leaves me with a lump in my throat every time I read it to my DD!"


Where's Spot?Where's Spot?

'We have the board book version, and it has lasted three children. The story is simple, with chunky flaps to lift up and see if you can find Spot. When we read the book, I ask the question and my son replies 'no' as he lifts up the flap to see who is hiding!"



"The illustrations are gorgeous and show you exactly how sad the little monkey is feeling and how much he wants a cuddle. We love naming all the different animals and saying 'hug' in lots of different tones of voice. A really lovely book."

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