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  • car seat from birth
    Baby car seats from birth

    If you want to travel by car, you'll need a car seat for getting safely around. Some seats go from birth to 9-12 months, others last all the way to four years.

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  • car seats nine months
    Baby car seats from nine months

    Group 1 car seats are forward-facing, and will comfortably protect your child until the age of four. Group 1,2,3 seats convert to a booster seat, and last until your child is 12.

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  • rear facing car seat
    Extended rear-facing baby car seats

    In response to the very latest safety research, car seat manufacturers are beginning to offer rear-facing seats which will fit a child from birth to the age of four.

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  • booster car seat
    Booster car seats from four years

    Car seatbelts are designed for grown-ups, so children need a booster seat till they're at least 135cm high. Choose from sturdy high-back seats or more portable booster cushions.

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  • baby sling
    Baby carriers and baby slings

    Slings are perfect for getting around with a young child. Most small babies are soothed when held close, leaving you hands-free to get on with other stuff, or out and about.

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  • baby backpack
    Baby backpacks

    Backpacks are great for the beach, for walking in the snow, through woodlands or even on crowded streets - in fact, anywhere where a pushchair would be a pain.

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  • bike seat
    Child bike seats

    Handy, healthy and kind to the environment - child bike seats are brilliant for getting from A to B without firing up the engine. Better still, children L.O.V.E. them.

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  • travelcot
    Travel cots

    Travel cots come in pretty handy if you like to get away for the weekend - and can easily be folded down and left at granny's house, if you visit often.

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  • portable highchair
    Travel highchairs

    A very useful bit of kit if your restaurant of choice is more likely to have a chef's table than a high chair. Also useful for visiting homes where there are no littlies in residence.

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  • family tent
    Family tents

    You can't beat camping for family down-time - it gets you get away from it all cheaply, and whenever it suits. But truth be told, it's a lot nicer with a spiffy family tent.

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  • balance bike
    Balance bikes

    Balance bikes are ideal for younger kids from around two years up. Children build confidence in their balance as they zip around, and can sometimes skip the stabiliser stage on first bikes.

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  • bike
    Child bikes

    The wind in their hair and freedom in sight - riding a bike is a pleasure that can last a lifetime. Set them off on the right track with a great first bike.

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  • trike
    Trikes and ride-ons

    For a first taste of independence, you can't beat a trike or other ride-on toy. And when they beg to leave the buggy at home, a parent-handle can make short trips fun but (ahem) fast.

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  • scooters
    Kids' scooters

    Scooters are bags of fun and can really improve children's motor skills, coordination and balance. Plus, they dramatically reduce dawdling-time during local trips: it's win-win.

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