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Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket review

A simple, traditional basket that comes with a cosy bedding set, the Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket took our Best for Budget award.

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Verdict in 10 seconds

  • A traditional Moses basket that is versatile and easy to use
  • Smaller and lighter than a crib so it can be used anywhere in the home
  • No frills and budget-friendly


  • No set-up required – the bed is ready to use straight from the get-go
  • Doesn’t feel big or bulky so it can fit into smaller spaces
  • It is lightweight and comes with sturdy handles so it can easily be moved around for day and night sleeping
  • Padded knitted liner for baby's comfort
  • Comes with a polyester-filled mattress and matching bedding set
  • It can be used on a stand or on the floor
  • No hood, which can sometimes get in the way
  • The liner can be removed and is machine-washable


  • Unlike some other baskets, such as the Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper, this basket doesn’t come with a stand, so you need to buy one separately
  • Doesn’t have the option to rock your baby to sleep and it can't be reclined if they have a cold or suffer from reflux
  • Will only last for up to three or four months – perhaps even less for larger babies
  • The bassinet is so cosy that our tester’s little boy did get a bit too hot in his sleeping bag at times
  • Not as breastfeeding-friendly as bedside cribs as there is no drop side, so you have to get out of bed to feed your baby

What are the key features?

  • Comes with a padded knitted liner, polyester-filled mattress, a fitted sheet and a knitted blanket
  • A cable knit liner slips easily over the basket's handles for washing
  • Mattress can be removed for cleaning
  • Liner and blanket are both machine-washable

What are the specs?

  • Suitable from birth up to 9kg (or until baby can roll over or sit up unaided)
  • Basket weight: 2.5kg
  • Dimensions: 28 × 40 × 90cm
  • Mattress (included): 28 × 75cm
  • Basket is made from maize
  • Mattress is made from PVC and foam
  • Blanket and fitted sheet: 100% cotton
  • Liner: 100% cotton
  • Inter-liner: 100% polypropylene
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Colour: cream
  • RRP: £70 at time of review
  • Estimated resale value: £25-£30 at time of review
  • Extras: stand (can be bought from around £15)
We just have a bog-standard Moses basket from Mothercare. Bought it for DS1 and now reusing it for DS2. It’s portable so we just have one for upstairs and downstairs, and we have a rocking stand which is handy for settling.

How easy is the basket to set up?

If it’s a fuss-free bed you’re after, then the Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket could be the one for you. Already assembled, all you have to do is take it out of its packaging and read the safety and cleaning instructions before use.

Our tester, Anna, found that taking off the liner for washing was very straightforward and as the bed comes with a bedding set, which includes a fitted sheet and blanket, the only thing you need are some spare sheets for washing.

She scored the basket highly in this area as it was so easy to get started – even for first-time parents. This could be very handy for those whose baby makes a surprise early arrival.

If you have any questions, though, the Mothercare website offer various ways of getting in touch, such as phone, email and live chat.

How adjustable is the Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket?

Unlike some of the newer baby beds on the market, such as the Chicco Next2Me Magic side-sleeping crib, the height cannot be adjusted, you can’t lower the side for co-sleeping and it doesn’t incline or rock.

You can purchase a stand if you want to move the baby up higher, but otherwise this is a classic bassinet, which is minimalistic but comfy for babies in their first few months.

Moses baskets in general don’t have as much to offer as bedside cribs, but they are versatile as they can double up as a day and nighttime bed and move around with you. This is something Anna found useful for a three-month-old baby who had stubbornly decided to stop napping.

How does it look?

Made from maize with a padded cover, the Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket is a traditional-looking bassinet.

The bed comes in one colour, cream, and it has a 100% cotton cable knit liner, which is soft for a baby’s delicate skin. So much so that our mum said it was like a snuggly winter jumper!

The mattress is made from PVC and foam and is thin but firm, as you’d expect for newborns.

A lovely addition to this bed is the matching bedding set – a fitted sheet and blanket – that comes with it. Anna also liked the simple design of the basket, especially because there is no hood which she didn’t find very useful on others we tested, such as the Mamas & Papas Moses Basket.

What is it like to use day-to-day?

While this bed may lack fancy extras, it was very useful for a busy mum of three who enjoyed the simplicity and versatility of a Moses basket.

The maize handles allowed Anna to transport the lightweight bed (only 2.5kg!) up and down the stairs and through doorways easily when needed, although the handles did stick up a bit and would sometimes get in the way.

Mothercare advise against carrying the baby inside the basket, but our mum did at times as she trusted it with her boy inside.

As there is no hood, it felt very spacious when she needed to get her baby in and out. Unlike side-sleepers, though, the basket doesn’t have a drop side so she did have to sit on the side of her bed to pick up him up for night feeds.

Less bulky than larger cribs, the bassinet can fit in small spaces around the home. This could be helpful for people who don’t have much room in their house.

Unfortunately, the Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket does not come with a stand so our mum used her own. She checked the sides of the basket to ensure they were sturdy enough to protect her baby and, while she thought it wasn’t as secure as a cot, it was strong enough to cope with her four-year-old twin girls leaning into the basket to play with their brother.

The downside to any Moses basket is that they tend to only last for about three or four months and maybe even less for larger babies. Our baby was six weeks old when Anna tested the Mothercare basket and he already looked quite snug.

More traditional Moses baskets tend to be made from materials such as wicker or, like this one, maize and they can be quite noisy. During testing, the baby did wake when the bassinet was moved, but this was at a time when he wasn’t napping well anyway.

Although this newborn bed wasn’t used away from home, it could double up as a travel cot for those early months, as long as you can fit it in your car.

mothercare knitted moses basket

How safe is it?

The Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket complies with British Safety Standards to ensure it is a safe bed for newborns.

Anna checked the thin foam mattress and it fit securely in the basket, and there were no loose parts for her baby to get hold of.

When she carried the bed around, the handles felt secure and, as the basket is mostly covered by the padded liner, there are no bits sticking out that could cause injury.

For many parents, the appeal of a basket like this is being able to see your baby wherever you are in your home, but, because Mothercare do warn not to move the basket with your baby inside, the lack of flexibility here may be something to bear in mind when deciding what kind of bed is right for you.

Our mum did notice that her baby didn’t have much room to grow and one night he got very hot in his sleeping bag while in the basket. As it was so much cosier than the cot she’d previously been using, though, she only needed to cover him with a blanket.

She felt the cover that came with the bed was too thick so opted for a cellular blanket instead.

How easy is it to clean?

As with any baby newborn bed, lighter colours are always going to show up stains, such as dribble or milk, easily, but thankfully many parts of this basket are simple to clean.

The liner slips over the handles and can be machine-washed at 40 degrees, and the mattress can be taken out and wiped clean. During testing, the fitted sheet washed well and the blanket also went in the washing machine.

Anna found that, as the basket is made from weaved maize, the handles and outside of the bassinet were harder to clean – dust and dirt tended to creep into the small gaps and the instructions advise that you only wipe these areas down with a damp cloth.

Is the basket good value for money?

In terms of cost, the Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket sits mid-range at £70.

We'll be honest and say that there are cheaper ones out there, especially as you may only use it for a few months, but it’s also important to consider that you will probably use this all day every day during that time.

The basket's minimalistic design means it’s very easy to use and comfortable for the baby. The mattress, bedding set and padded liner are all good quality too.

You will need to pay for a stand, which you can buy from around £15, but, with this factored in, this basket is still a fair bit cheaper than bedside cribs and you won’t need to buy a second bed to use during the day either.

Final verdict?

What you see with the Mothercare Knitted Moses Basket is exactly what you get. A comfortable, functional bed that allows you to keep your baby close.

With no extra frills or accessories, like a hood, it doesn’t feel too bulky. It’s small enough to fit in smaller spaces, but spacious enough for your baby to grow in the first few months, while the knitted liner and matching bedding make it safe and cosy.

While it may not be the cheapest basket on the market, we still feel it’s a great option for parents with a smaller budget.

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