Newborn baby sleeping

Each of the newborn beds was thoroughly put through its paces for one week and tested on the following criteria – safety and stability, ease of assembly, day-to-day usefulness, cleanliness, aesthetics and value for money.

Our tester’s baby slept in each product for at least seven days. Well, the amount the baby slept was variable, but you know what we mean. Any accompanying fabrics such as sheets or bedding were always washed in the same way on the same wash cycle, and every item was tried and tested using the above strict criteria.

Why you should trust us

Our tester is an experienced parent with a young baby and extensive experience in reviewing and ‘road-testing’ baby items. All products in this category have been tested in day-to-day situations which we'd expect most new parents to encounter. Yes, many of those involved wondering why the baby wouldn't sleep.


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