Best Maternity Pillow for Comfort 2018

Kit for Kids Cuddle Me Heat Regulating Pillow review

The Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow from Kit for Kids does just what it says on the tin; lying in bed with this pillow feels like you are receiving a great big cuddle

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The pillow is super soft to the touch and totally comfortable as a result of the heat-regulating material used. The pillow is a little on the large side, so do bear this in mind if you already feel like you're fighting for space in your bed!

Shaped like a number 6, the pillow does coil back up easily so you may find that some re-positioning is needed, especially if you take 25 one or two bathroom visits during the night.
Kit for Kids Heat Regulating Pillow

This pillow is definitely built for comfort. It has a removable, washable cover which washed well but it is rather tricky to put back on. We also liked the fact that you are able to wipe clean the inner fixed cover.

However, its rather large size and difficulty to transport and store is something that you’ll need to bear in mind if you’re planning on moving it any great distance.

We feel that this pillow works best in the bedroom as it is a bit unwieldy to transport around the home. We particularly liked the heat regulation it offered, especially with those nightmarish fluctuating body temperatures which affect many women right through pregnancy.

The Specs

Dimensions: 50.8 × 41.6 × 27.4cm
Weight: 1.1 Kg
RRP: £42.99

  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Large enough to wrap round your whole body
  • Heat-regulating fabric
  • Cover washable at 30°C,
  • Wipe-clean fixed inner cover

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  • Best Maternity Pillow for Comfort 2018

How we test

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