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Mumba Maya Freedom Bra review

The Mumba Maya is the ultimate bra for breastfeeding. Mumba was created by a mum who struggled with feeding and wanted to make a bra that championed the feeding experience. Leak-absorbent, drop-cup for latch access, super-stretchy, breathable fabric and a discretion panel are just some of the features the Maya Freedom Bra has to offer.

£29 from Mumba Bra


  • Soft materials suitable for sensitive or irritated skin
  • Stretchy fabric to accommodate changes from pregnancy through to breastfeeding
  • Available in three colours: white, purple and black
  • Thin, adjustable chest strap
  • Discretion panel for coverage while feeding
  • Feeding clip reminders help you remember which side you are feeding on, which in turn help to avoid engorgement
  • Comfortable to sleep in


  • Feeding clips are quite bulky and can be seen when wearing a strappy top
  • Not as supportive as some
  • Plain in style

Key features of the Mumba Maya Freedom Bra

  • Optional padded cup inserts with dual purpose of a breast pad and support
  • Seamless and non-underwired
  • Four-way stretchy, soft fabric
  • Mumba clasp reminder (to help you remember which side you last fed on)
  • BabyFocus print on the discretion panel with black and white print for infants
  • Suitable for day and night

RRP: £29
Sizes: Small, medium and large
Mumba Bras: £29.00
Amazon: £29.00

Mumba Maya Freedom Bra with feeding reminders

If you choose to breastfeed, those first few weeks are a steep learning curve and finding a bra that works for you is invaluable – just one less headache (and potentially boob ache) to deal with.

Of all the bras we tested, none catered for feeding like the Mumba Maya Freedom Bra. It has been specifically designed with feeding in mind, with everything given plenty of thought, from the soft fabric and simple design to clever little extras like the bra's feeding clips, which have a reminder written on them so you know which side you last fed on. It was also the most leak-absorbent bra we have come across.

How does the Maya Freedom Bra make you look and feel?

The Mumba design is very simple. Its V-neck and block colour with a small bow detail is feminine, if not a little plain. But what it lacks in chic, the Maya Freedom Bra more than makes up for in comfort.

Its double-layered seamless fabric is soft to the touch and the elastication throughout means there is nowhere to pinch or irritate when wearing it. When you are pregnant and breastfeeding your skin is prone to irritation, so getting a bra that is light and comfortable is a godsend.

The adjustable chest band is well padded and feels gentle on your back. Our tester felt her posture improved when she wore it because it was so comfortable, particularly around the shoulders and across the back.

Would it be easy to feed in?

The Maya Freedom Bra is great if you’re breastfeeding. It’s super comfortable and soft on sensitive new-mum boobs and the clips undo easily when it comes to feeding time.

We didn’t think it was possible to innovate feeding clips but Mumba has done it. Maya Freedom Bra feeding clips have reminders written into them, so you know which side you fed on last. That might sound like a simple thing to remember but trust us, once you’ve survived on two hours’ sleep a night for a few nights in a row, you’ll be glad of the reminder.

Current medical advice by the NHS is to offer both sides during a feed with a bit of burping in between. When offering the second breast, your baby may feed for less time, so it is still important that you alternate which breast you start on. Feeding from the correct side each time can help prevent issues such as engorgement and blocked ducts, both of which are pretty unpleasant.

The fabric is very absorbent, helping to prevent embarrassing ‘patches’ if you spring a leak and the cups have ‘discretion’ panels, which are really helpful in the early days when you might feel a bit self-conscious feeding in public (trust us, no one is looking – but it’s still nice to have a bit of coverage sometimes).

Does the Maya Freedom Bra have any additional features?

It sure does. We particularly like the innovative pattern on the discretion panel. During your baby’s first few weeks she can only see in black and white and is drawn to black-and-white patterns. These colours have been found to relax and calm babies, as well as to stimulate brain and eye development.

With this in mind, Mumba has incorporated a black-and-white print into its discretion panel, intended to help keep your baby calm and engaged in looking at that, while you’re establishing a good latch. Think of it as like having a box set on TV while you’re eating your tea.

Does the Maya Freedom Bra support your bust?

The V-neck design and soft fabric make the Maya Freedom Bra very comfy to sleep in. Unfortunately, the problem with having a relaxed, flexible fit tends to be that the bra lacks the desired lift, so this model doesn’t have quite the same ‘hoik’ as others.

Is the Maya Freedom Bra comfortable to wear? (If you were really sore would you reach for this bra?)

Absolutely. This bra is ideal for that delicate time when you are sore after the birth and establishing feeding. The fabric is soft and light, so there are no seams to irritate or rub.

Does it absorb milk easily?

The Maya Freedom bra is the most leak-absorbent bra we tested. It comes with optional padded inserts that sit in the lining of the cup, but you can easily remove them if you prefer to use your own breast pads or the shape isn’t quite right for you.

It can be slightly embarrassing when you leak in public, not to mention ruining your look, so it’s wonderful to have reassurance that your bra is absorbent if your breast pad slips without you realising.

Is the Maya Freedom bra visible under clothes?

While the bra straps are a normal width (hooray!), the same cannot be said for the feeding clips – they are rather large and hard to miss, meaning a strappy top is a no-no.

On the flipside, there is no issue with under-the-arm fabric showing as the bra sits nice and low in that area. It’s also low-cut across the chest. Big tick.

Sadly, the fabric where the clasp sits is quite wide, which means the bra is visible if you’re wearing a strappy top or dress.

In spite of all this, the Maya Freedom Bra is useful to have in the collection because it is seam-free and comes with optional padded cups, so you don’t have to worry about visible nipples or leaks and it sits really nicely under a tee.

Is the Maya Freedom bra suitable for larger busts?

The Maya Freedom bra has adjustable shoulder straps and the standard adjustable chest band at the back. Stretchy material means the bra allows for changes in shape and sizing from pregnancy to nursing.

The bra is available in small, medium and large. To give you an idea, large is equivalent to a size G. Our tester found this bra could, just about, fit a J Cup.

If you have larger breasts it might not give you the lift you are looking for, but your comfort ratings will still be through the roof. We always advise getting measured to find your perfect bra size.

Is the Maya Freedom bra easy to wash?

Yes, our testers reported that it washes very easily and the fabric does not lose its softness. We found the padded cup inserts moved around a lot in the wash, so make sure you check they are in the correct position before putting it on to prevent that lopsided look.

Is the Maya Freedom bra good value for money?

The Maya Freedom bra is priced at £29 which is industry standard price. However, there is nothing quite like it on the market. The clip reminders and the black and white print are original Mumba designs and we thought they added real value for money.

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RRP: £29
Sizes: Small, medium and large
Mumba Bras: £29.00
Amazon: £29.00

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