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Hot Milk Temptation review

Hot Milk has nailed the attractive maternity bra. If you are done with feeling frumpy, then the stylish Hot Milk Temptation could be the bra for you

£45.95 from Hot Milk


  • Measuring and sizing guide online, so no need to go in-store
  • Feeding clips are easy to use one-handed, so you can use the other hand to support the baby on your lap
  • Back-fitted with an extra hook to accommodate your body as it changes
  • Thin, soft material so you don’t feel hot


  • The neckline comes a tiny bit high, still suitable for low-cut tops but more likely to flash the lace line
  • Where the shoulder straps meet the chest band at the back, there is lace detail that can be seen if you are wearing a strappy top

Key features of the Hot Milk Temptation

  • A-H cup sizes
  • Flexi-wired – wired bra designed to support your bust and not dig in
  • Fitted with feeding clips
  • 100% cotton-lined
  • Racer back
  • Matching briefs available
  • Extra hooks on the back and extra elastic across the neckline for changes in shape and size
  • Available in ‘Black’, ‘Silver Peony’ and ‘Mood Indigo’

RRP £45.95
Sizes: A-H cup
Figleaves: £45.99 (Use discount code TREAT20 for 20% off, ends 30 October)
Bravissimo: £43.00
Amazon: From £39.95
Hot Milk: £32.19

Sometimes having nice underwear is good for a confidence boost (especially when you have toothpaste in your hair and yesterday’s leggings on).

Hot Milk Temptation is, without doubt, the most chic and stylish maternity bra we tested. The sultry lace overlay and fringe detail across the front of the bra is mirrored on the convertible racerback. A delicate rosebud in the centre provides a touch of colour.

At £45, Hot Milk Temptation is a pretty luxurious purchase. If you really want to treat yourself, for an extra £17 you could spring for the matching briefs – but any black knickers you own will complete the look.

How does it make you look and feel?

Underwired bras are not everyone’s cup of tea, but Hot Milk might make a convert of you as its flexi-wire is designed to support your bust and not dig in.

The bra moves with your body and its 100% cotton lining makes it soft to the touch and gentle on your nipples if they are tender.

The Hot Milk Temptation is very supportive thanks to that clever flexi-wire. Wire in the lace also means there is no need for padding, which is great news for the larger-breasted woman.

Unlike most other bras we tested, the Hot Milk Temptation is designed to grow with the wearer. Extra hooks at the back of the bra and elastic across the neckline give your breasts room to grow and the support they need, too. All these features are designed to make the bra last from pregnancy through to breastfeeding, instead of needing to refit and buy at every stage. Music to our ears (and wallets).

If you are looking for a non-wired bra, take a look at Hot Milk's other winner – the Show Off Luxe, our Best Bra for Non-Wired Support.

Can you sleep in the Hot Milk Temptation?

Yes, our testers thought it was definitely comfortable enough to sleep in. Many maternity bras struggle to stop your breasts making a great escape after dark but this isn’t a problem with the Temptation.

The flexi-wire feature and elasticated lining along the neckline allow you to move about easily in bed and the absence of padding meant that the bra didn’t feel too restrictive.

Are wired maternity and nursing bras safe?

In general, yes. Despite what you may have heard, advice has changed recently and underwiring isn’t believed to be a problem. However, in the days just after birth, your breasts can be super sensitive and uncomfortable, so we’d recommend you reach for a thin, soft non-padded, non-wired bra. But in pregnancy and once breastfeeding is established, we reckon the Hot Milk Temptation is a fantastic choice.

Would it be easy to feed in the Hot Milk Temptation?

The nursing clips located on each shoulder strap can be undone using one hand. Once you’ve done this, your full breast is exposed, ensuring a good latch. The cups are made from a thin, light fabric so they come down easily and sit comfortably under your breast while feeding.

The shape of the bra supports a breast pad really well, so there is no fear of it slipping. If you were to leak and forgot to put on your breast pads, the light T-shirt material in the lining would absorb a small amount of milk.

Will the Hot Milk Temptation show under clothes?

As bras go, this is not one you’d be embarrassed about if you flashed a bit of fabric, but we understand discretion might be a high priority for most, so we tested the Temptation in different outfits to see if it was visible.

The bra straps are a normal width, so it’s suitable to wear with a low-cut, strappy top. However, the wide lace detail at the back means some dress choices are out of the question, camisole for instance.

This bra does have a hidden clip at the back so you can convert the straps into a racerback. The lace detail means it’s pretty even if it is visible.

The Hot Milk Temptation passed our armhole test. This is quite an achievement, as the vast majority we tested were on full show in the armpit region. Take it from us, it’s not a great look.

Is the Hot Milk Temptation suitable for larger busts?

This bra goes up to an H cup and there is room to grow in there, too. The Hot Milk Temptation comes with extra hooks at the back and room along the neckline. This design means you won’t get the 'double trouble' look where the cup becomes too small and cuts your breast in half making it look like you have four boobs – always attractive.

With most bra designs, the larger sizes come with straps the width of your shoulder (they would be better termed ‘breast harnesses’ – there is nothing ‘strappy’ about them). Hot Milk has wisely moved away from this and created straps that are a consistent width across its sizes.

How do you wash the Hot Milk Temptation?

This bra washes brilliantly. The label instructions say to cold wash at 30C and to air dry. Our tester tried it on a quick 30-minute cycle at 30C and a longer hotter wash at 40C. It kept its shape and softness.

Is the Hot Milk Temptation good value for money?

The Hot Milk temptation can be purchased from its online store for £45.95. This is at the premium end of the market but it’s rare to find a bra that offers the support you need and looks nice, too.

The Hot Milk Temptation is a great bra for all the changes your breasts will undergo on your maternity journey. The fact that it looks good too is, frankly, a big bonus.

Buy now

RRP £45.95
Sizes: A-H cup
Figleaves: £45.99 (Use discount code TREAT20 for 20% off, ends 30 October)
Bravissimo: £43.00
Amazon: From £39.95
Hot Milk: £32.19

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