Best Bra for Non-Wired Support 2018

Hot Milk Show Off Luxe review

The Hot Milk Show Off Luxe is a great departure from traditional maternity and nursing bras. Its elegant design and outstanding support and lift made it a clear choice for the Best Maternity Bra for (non-wired) support.

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  • Amazing support especially for a non-wired bra
  • Beautiful design, using luxury fabrics
  • Suitable for larger bust sizes
  • Soft high-quality feel


  • Back strap is quite thick
  • Not seamless, so could irritate nipples
  • Comes up high under the arm and is visible in some tops

Key features of the Hot Milk Show Off Luxe

  • Designed for pregnancy through to breastfeeding
  • Non-wired soft cup
  • Elasticated across the top of the cup to allow for growth
  • Extra hooks for adjustable chest band
  • A-H cup sizes
  • Stylish design

RRP: £59.99
Sizes: A-H cup size
Figleaves: £39.99 (Use discount code TREAT20 for 20% off, ends 30 October)
Amazon: From £29.99
Hot Milk: £23.99

So often maternity bras are comfy but don't make your breasts look great – not exactly a confidence booster.

The Hot Milk Show Off Luxe is a beauty to behold and offers unquestionable support for all women from A-H cup sizes. The silhouette it provides, even among the larger-breasted testers, was great.

The non-wired nylon silk bra is embellished with pink blush lace and finished with a pink bow.

It’s a snug fit – particularly under the arm – but the soft fabric lining prevents it from pinching or squishing. It's also fitted with simple feeding clips and a discretion panel along the neckline so you have some coverage when the drop-cup is down. Hot Milk Show Off Luxe is a refreshing addition to any maternity wardrobe.

How does it look and feel?

The Hot Milk Show Off Luxe is 100% cotton-lined, which feels gentle on the skin and is different from most maternity bras which are made from a mixture of elastic and cotton.

The Show Off Luxe is designed to flatter your silhouette while keeping your breasts secure and comfortable. Its 'together-and-lift' approach accentuates your waistline, making you feel less frumpy and just that bit nicer in your clothes.

You have to make a slight compromise in the type of fit you get because of the support and shape this bra offers you. A snug and secure fit is the payoff for outstanding support and lift. If you prefer a looser-fitting bra, then the M&S Louisa Bralet, Emma Jane Mia or the Mumba Maya Freedom bra might be a better choice.

Can you sleep in the Hot Milk Show Off Luxe?

The Hot Milk Show Off Luxe provides amazing support and even stops any escapees at nighttime. Elastic in the fabric gives the bra a certain level of stretch, which makes sleeping more comfortable and the breathable fabric should stop you feeling too hot in it.

Would it be easy to feed in?

This bra has been designed for use from pregnancy through to breastfeeding. The feeding clip is very simple and easy to use. You can unclip and re-clip one-handed, so you have a free one to support or comfort your baby on your lap.

The Hot Milk Show Off Luxe is designed with a discretion panel when it is unclipped for feeding. This provides some coverage across the neckline of the bra when you are feeding so you're not fully exposed.

Is it comfortable to use? (If you were really sore would you reach for this bra?)

Hot Milk’s Show Off Luxe is luxuriously soft but it isn’t loose-fitting or seamless. During the first few weeks after the birth of your baby, your breasts can become sore and uncomfortable, making bra-wearing feel like a bit of a chore. When you are able to reach for a bra, you’ll want one that is light and seamless at first. This probably isn’t the bra for that stage in your maternity journey.

The Show Off Luxe’s real strengths are its support and style. But when you feel better and less sore, this bra will give a pick-me-up. Think of it as that friend who maybe didn’t bring round a lasagne the day after you gave birth, but took you out for a slap-up meal and a glass of wine a month later. This is a bra that’s great for the good times!

If you leaked would it absorb milk easily?

The bra has double-layer fabric and would hold a breast pad nicely in place. The fabric would assist with absorption in the unfortunate event of a small leak if your breast pad slipped.

Is the Show Off Luxe discreet?

The shoulder straps are slightly wider than average (but only slightly). The feeding clips fitted at the edges of the neckline are small and the same colour as the bra, so they are barely noticeable. The lace that runs along the neckline is pretty but does poke out across the neckline if you wear lower-cut tops. And the bra does come quite high up under the arm, so it’s visible with some tops that droop in the armhole. Sadly, due to the full-cup balcony style, it’s not one for the flimsy top or cami style.

Is it suitable for larger busts?

Yes, the Show Off Luxe is highly recommended for larger busts as well as average sizes. The design of the cup makes it an extremely supportive bra – those suckers aren't going anywhere.

This style of bra is on the larger side in terms of fit. This is actually great – the only way is up in terms of sizing, especially if you’re feeding. The smart design of the bra means the elastic will loosen when your breasts (inevitably) get bigger. Hot Milk takes a ‘grow with you’ approach seriously, so all its bras have lots of hooks and eyes for the chest strap to be as adjustable as possible.

We think all bras should do this, especially the more expensive ones. It’d be a real shame to buy such a nice bra and not be able to wear it because it was too snug. Support is important, but so is comfort.

And if you're after a bra that grows with you, is as/even more stylish and is also underwired, take a look at Hot Milk's other category winner our Best Maternity Bra for Style the Temptation.

How easy is it to wash the Hot Milk Luxe?

You can just chuck the Hot Milk Luxe in the washing machine on a cold machine wash. Unfortunately, it’s airdry only, so you’ll have to wait around a bit.

Is the Hot Milk Luxe good value for money?

This is the most expensive bra we are recommending but it’s consciously done. Whilst it is true that price is not always indicative of worth, this bra is worth the extra pennies.

The Hot Milk Luxe is a non-underwired bra that is unparalleled in its ability to get a great silhouette and lift. The fabric feels very luxurious, so it’s nice on your skin and any sensitive areas. Whether you have an average or larger bust size, we think you can rely on this bra for support. Who doesn’t need a bit of a lift now and then?

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RRP: £59.99
Sizes: A-H cup size
Figleaves: £39.99 (Use discount code TREAT20 for 20% off, ends 30 October)
Amazon: From £29.99
Hot Milk: £23.99

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  • Best Bra for Non-Wired Support 2018

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