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Emma-Jane Mia review

The simple and comfortable Emma-Jane Mia is perfect for pregnant and nursing mothers. It also comes with a reasonable price tag, making it a great value wardrobe essential for before and after birth.

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  • Reasonably priced at around £13 (at time of publication)
  • Flexible sizing for changes in breast size
  • Thin, breathable and soft material to defend against overheating and protect sensitive nipples
  • Thin bra straps, so suitable to wear with strappy tops or dresses
  • Good coverage of the breast; no side boob or bra showing through the armhole
  • Low cut – suitable for wearing lower cut tops
  • Easy to match up with pants
  • Good yoga bra


  • Not padded, so no cold nipple defence
  • The clip can sometimes come undone when dressing or sleeping
  • Boobs escape when sleeping
  • Does not go up to larger bust sizes

Key features of the Emma-Jane Mia

  • Seam-free and non-wired
  • Available in black and white
  • Made from 75% natural cotton and 5% elastane (elastic)
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with restricted stretch for support
  • Wide soft-knitted under-band for support and comfort
  • Extra hooks at the back to accommodate the changes in shape

Product number: 363
Price: RRP £13
Sizes: 32-38 B-F Cups

Emma Jane Mia maternity bra

Many maternity and nursing bras look like they’ll be comfortable and supportive, but then feel very different once you’ve got them on. The Emma-Jane Mia, however, feels exactly as good as it looks.

It’s an absolute all-rounder and scores highly in all areas. What is particularly special about this bra though is the really good support, comfort and shape it offers.

How does it make you look and feel?

At first glance, this nursing bra is pretty ordinary: V-shaped low neckline, block-colour (available in black and white) with gathered detail in the middle. Nothing especially exciting.

But unlike most nursing products, no part of this bra is visible under a strappy top or dress. The bra straps are a normal width, breastfeeding clips are low, and there’s no embarrassing bra showing through the armhole. It’s even got a low-cut V-neck shape across the chest.

Our tester felt this bra made clothes look better on her, “as a larger busted lady, you come to expect a certain level of frumpiness with a non-wired bra, but that’s not the case when it comes to the Emma-Jane Mia. The band underneath the bust accentuates your waist, which is very rare.”

The fabric is soft and gentle on your sensitive areas and as it is single-layered, overheating isn’t an issue. It’s seam-free, non-wired and non-padded, and is made from 75% natural cotton, 20% polyamide and 5% elastane. There are no labels in the Mia, so there is very little to cause discomfort.

Does the Emma-Jane Mia support your bust?

The support of this bra is very good – it feels secure but not restrictive. The Emma-Jane Mia also works well as a yoga bra but lacks the support needed in a more general sports bra.

Sometimes, straps need to be tightened after washing because they can slip in the wash cycle. Tight straps equal good support. Our tester also found the clip sometimes came undone when dressing or adjusting the bra.

Is the Emma-Jane Mia comfortable to sleep in?

Sometimes our testers’ boobs popped out at night because of the low neckline. Other than this slightly undignified element, the Emma-Jane Mia was very comfortable to sleep in.

Would the Emma-Jane Mia be easy to feed in?

The Emma-Jane Mia is both a maternity and nursing bra – and so is great for feeding. The latch is easy to clip and unclip with one hand, leaving the other free to support your baby – very practical if you’re sitting in an awkward chair or if your baby won’t let you put them down when they’re suddenly starving and demanding you whip your boob out.

The shape of the Emma-Jane Mia allows you to open cups individually – when one cup is open, the other side continues to support. The cup comes fully down with ease, which is brilliant when your baby is particularly irritable before a feed. It is also invaluable when you are establishing feeding and aiming for a good latch between your breast and your baby. The only downside to this ease of use is that if you’re using a breast pad, you can easily lose it, especially at night when you’re trying to quickly establish a latch.

Is it comfortable to use? (Would you reach for this bra if you were really sore?)

For a day-wear bra, this was great – it felt secure and snug enough to avoid side-boob. The fabric is cotton-based so skin irritation is unlikely. On one occasion, our tester found the chest-band a bit snug but a quick fiddle with the hook at the back put an end to that.

If you leaked would it absorb milk easily?

Yes, the material is thick enough to absorb a small amount of milk if you happened to leak, which always adds a bit of reassurance if your breast pad slips without your knowledge.

Is it suitable for larger busts?

According to the Emma-Jane guidelines, this bra is suitable for 32-38 B-F cup sizes, which is a slight improvement from the average size ranges.

However, one of our testers is a 36J and the Emma-Jane Mia is a favourite for her. Often with this style of bra, you can lose your waistline and your bust is not together or lifted. This is not the case with the Mia.

Is it easy to wash/tumble dry?

This bra washes brilliantly at 40C cycle. It’s so light that it dries quickly too. The Emma-Jane Mia keeps its shape after multiple washes. However, we did notice that it lost some of its softness after a few cycles, so we advise using a fabric softener with this one.

Is the Emma-Jane Mia good value for money?

This maternity bra is extremely affordable at £13 and could easily retail for double that. It manages to provide comfort, practicality, and a flattering shape.

While every bra differs depending on the bust of the user, we’re confident nursing mothers of all shapes and sizes will find something to love about the Mia.

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