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  • oven
    Ovens, cookers and hobs

    Family cooking is a lot easier with a decent oven, as anyone with a cooker that only does 'burnt' or 'raw' will confirm. Check out Mumsnetters' top recommendations before you buy.

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  • iron

    Whether you're an ironing refusenik or someone who wants everything, including underpants, nice and smooth - find out which iron will make that job easier.

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  • mattress

    Get help choosing the right mattress with reviews from Mumsnetters

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  • fridge
    Fridges, freezers, and fridge-freezers

    Whether you're stockpiling cubes of homemade purée or enough spag bol to feed an army, a good fridge or freezer is essential.

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  • washing machine
    Washing machines

    One of the few appliances it's really hard for any family to live without, washing machine features to check out are load capacity, speed, energy rating and reliability.

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  • dishwasher

    A labour-saving addition to any kitchen, although it does mean the arguments about who does the washing up segue seamlessly into who loads/unloads the dishwasher.

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  • steam mop
    Steam mops and cleaners

    Wondering what steam mop or steam cleaner to buy? See what products Mumsnetters rate highly.

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  • tumbledrier
    Tumble dryers

    There may be nothing like the smell of laundry dried in fresh air, but there's also nothing like the guarantee of warm, dry clothes on a rainy day, which is where tumble dryers come in.

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  • vacuum cleaner
    Vacuum cleaners

    Dyson moved the vacuum cleaner design goalposts, but there are also a lot of Henry fans around on Mumsnet, not to mention the Miele devotees.

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  • food processor
    Food processors and mixers

    Food processors do all manner of clever things from mixing dough to making light work of slicing and dicing. They can also look fetching on your counters.

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  • breadmaker

    Breadmakers are a bulky, but useful addition to any kitchen - particularly when you consider they also make pizza dough (and sometimes jam) as well as the family loaf.

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  • coffee maker

    If you're not lucky enough to have a great coffee shop within walking distance, a good coffee maker is the next best way to ensure a constant stream of caffeine.

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  • slow cooker

    An appliance favoured by many a Mumsnetter - after all, what's not to like about returning home to an already-made meal. You ought to have one, but first you need to choose your model.

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  • juicer

    Juicers are a great way to ensure your family's five-a-day. But they can be fiddly to clean, so it's useful to know which ones other parents rate.

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