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Mountain Buggy Pod Review

If you’re looking for a travel friendly option, or perhaps a highchair for occasional use that’s easy to store (hello Grandma’s house!) the Mountain Buggy Pod is for you

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The Pod is a very clever piece of engineering. Using a clamp on either arm, it fixes the highchair directly to your table quickly and easily. Lots of Mumsnetters also report using it successfully with their breakfast bars too. This allows your child to be a part of family mealtimes and within reach of mum or dad for easy feeding.

Mountain Buggy Pod highchair

The Pod has a strong, solid aluminium frame and is impressively sturdy given its neat size and light weight and cloth exterior. We had no concerns in testing that the Pod would somehow detach from the table or fall. However, the Pod only works on certain types of surfaces and is only as stable as the surface you attach it to. The instruction manual (also available on Mountain Buggy’s website) lists which surfaces aren't suitable (e.g. glass tables, folding tables or tables with a lip), so we recommend double checking your dining table works with the Pod before you buy.

Despite its convenience (it even comes with its own carry tote bag), a very reasonable price tag (£45 at the time of review), having no legs to trip over and zero topple risk, the Pod does get pretty messy. There’s a relatively big gap between the seat and table edge, meaning with under ones especially, a lot of food falls straight on the floor. Being all material, the Pod also attracts food. The cover is very easily removed from the frame and made from wipe-clean material, but it would be better if this was machine washable (which seems like a no brainer to us). Furthermore, there is no option to use a tray, which won’t suit everyone.

I've used the Pod every day for two years! Love it and it folds flat into a travel bag. Can be tricky to clean but I just scrub the whole thing in the sink with really hot water and washing up liquid.

Our mini tester was content in the chair and it was very easy to get her in and out. Though, be aware that the lap belt harness was next to useless and for under 1s – you could actually remove them from the chair without undoing the buckle! Luckily, they sit relatively low in the chair due to the hanging design, so it would be difficult for a baby to push themselves out.

The Specs

Price: from £45
Suitable from: three months to 15kg (about three years)
Weight: 1kg
Seat depth: 26cm
Footprint: 34 (D) x 34 (W) cm
Resale value: £35 in good condition all parts included

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