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Evomove Nomi Review

Well-made with a sleek design, the Nomi is an extremely high quality highchair which will last for years to come

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The Nomi is incredibly well made, with a solid wood stem and high quality, durable (and recyclable) plastic that doesn’t stain or show wear and tear easily. We also loved its sleek design – not surprising given Evomove’s Danish roots and collaboration with critically acclaimed designer Peter Opsvik (the man behind the infamous Stokke Tripp Trapp). Most importantly, the Nomi is extremely stable, so you can pop even the wriggliest of tots in without worrying about it tipping over.


The base chair (suitable from 2 years+) is £199 at the time of review, and you can purchase age appropriate add-ons separately. The plastic baby seat (Nomi MINI from 6 months+, £40) is a safe, comfortable and effective restraint system. It’s easy to get baby in and out provided they're feeling compliant. But, be aware that smaller babies may slouch a bit as it’s not quite as supportive as our Mumsnet Best.

The Nomi doesn’t fold away and is designed to take the place of a dining room chair at your table, allowing children to be a part of family mealtimes from the off. A major bonus over its closest competitor the Stokke Tripp Trapp is that it's very easy to adjust the chair's height; you simply twist a knob on the seat back and footrest, no tools required.

The dishwasher safe Evomove tray (an extra £40) is nice and deep, but not particularly wide. It also features a low lipped edge making it all too easy for baby to swipe food onto the floor. What’s more, food collects in the gap between the tray and the restraint. So maybe save the £40 and go without the tray as the chair was originally designed!


But, on the whole, our tiny tester was very happy in this chair. She liked swishing her feet across the wide footrest and a specially designed little nobbly bit kept her fidgeting feet busy. One of the Nomi's winning features is that it really promotes independence for toddlers as the footrest becomes a step up to the seat, supporting even an adult's weight without strain.

The main downside of the Nomi is the price tag. On the other hand, it does last until your child is 16, so (provided you do indeed use it that long) you’re likely to get your money’s worth. If you're willing to shell out over £200, the Nomi really is a beautifully designed, safe and secure all-in-one solution that can be used from birth until well into adolescence.

The Stats

Suitable from (Base chair): 24 months to 16 years
Age appropriate add-ons include: Nomi MINI from six months+ (£39.99), or the Nomi BABY newborn seat attachment (£119.99)
Weight: 5kg
Maximum seat height: 58cm
Minimum seat height: 52cm
Maximum footrest height: 50cm
Minimum footrest height: 9cm
Footprint: 59 (D) x 52 (W) cm
Tray: sold separately (£39.99)
RRP: from £199
Average resale value: Currently unknown as still reasonably new to market

Available in white, black, grey, pale pink, lime, coffee, and ocean.

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