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Volvo Highback Booster Review

If your child objects to having to use a car seat, the Volvo might be your answer; it’s sleek, subtle and grown-up enough that it’s the closest you’ll get to a car seat that isn’t, well, an actual seat in a car. Our not-so-mini tester was happiest using this one, which, though expensive, makes it worth its weight in gold.

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How does the Volvo look?

In a market of brightly coloured car seats boasting hundreds of extras, Volvo have gone for simplicity — and it works for them. The Volvo seat looks “quietly expensive”, and blended seamlessly into our tester’s car. This was a big winner with children that feel embarrassed to use car seats, so if that’s a concern (and let’s be frank, at this price it may not be) the Volvo is ideal. As far as cleanliness is concerned, it’s a dream — it wipes down brilliantly and will go through the wash, though even before you get there the colour hides most stains. We think it would last for a long time, and look just as good after years of use — which is important, as you could be using it for up to six years (or more, if you use it with more than one child).

Volvo Highback booster installation

Not only does it look great, it’s easy to install and move. Isofix makes the Volvo seat ultra secure, but it’s also usable with a three point seatbelt if you prefer (though in this day and age, we’d really recommend Isofix). It arrives fully formed, which in our busy lives we’re always a fan of. Another bonus: at 6.4kg this car seat is LIGHT, and it’s easy to switch between vehicles single-handedly.

But a car seat is no use unless it fits in your car, so definitely make sure you do the measurements first. The Volvo is slightly wide at the shoulder area, but probably not too much to worry about unless you’re driving something tiny. We easily fit the seat in an SUV and a hatchback, The height of the seat may cause issues when it’s fully extended, but this is standard for high-back boosters — the clue is in the name.

The price

There’s no two ways about it, the Volvo is expensive. At £220 you may question whether the extra quality is worth it. But Volvo are a high quality brand with a car seat to match, and once you get past the hurdle of paying we really can’t see anyone regretting it. True, the 80% wool upholstery isn’t strictly speaking necessary — but for a product that will stay with you for years, it’s definitely nice to have.

You might need a certain conviction to buy the Volvo, as it’s easy to get dazzled by other brands’ bright colours and myriad of features. However, there’s something to be said for assured simplicity, and we think this car seat is an instant classic.

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