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Mifold Review

If you’re looking for an easily transportable, occasional use booster, the Mifold ticks all the boxes

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As small as an iPad, this booster adjusts the car seat belt to fit a child. The safety features do end there, so you may not want to use it every day — and while you can legally use the Mifold from 4 years (15kg), we'd recommend keeping children in a high back booster for as long as possible. But for switching between cars, going on holiday or transporting the odd additional guest, the Mifold is an absolute gift.

In some ways the Mifold is similar to car seats like the BubbleBum, but is much more compact and ready to go. The selling point of the Mifold is that instead of raising the child up, it adjusts the height of the 3-point seat belt to make it safe for children. The design here really is genius — arms extend from the base and hold the seat belt static, and they’re completely adjustable so you can get the height just right. A great move forward from Mifold, and one we were really impressed by.

mifold booster seat

But without all the padding of other models, how comfortable is it? The seat base itself is slightly padded, with a non-slip fabric and extendable seat belt guides. It’s a perfect fit for little bottoms, but we suspect that older children might end up sitting half off the padded bit which, having tested it ourselves (granted with a much bigger behind) is not super comfortable. However, this wouldn’t be a huge problem for the occasional journey, and as the Mifold isn’t intended for everyday use, we’ll let this drawback slide.

Despite the size, we thought it could be great for older kids who don’t really want to be in a car seat.

We did find that children need to be helped in and out each time, as the seat moves about when they get up (and the seat belt adjustments are difficult for small hands to do). When they get out they also need help to detach the belt at their hip. This is another case of usability vs. frequency; while these downsides would be a problem in an everyday car seat, we’re willing to put up with them for the range of good points in a temporary car seat.

mifold booster car seat

What we loved most about the Mifold was how easily transportable it is. It really is the size of an iPad, meaning you can take it on holiday or even pop in your child’s book bag when they have a playdate. What's more, it weighs less than a kilogram – about the same as a bottle of water – which is really amazing for what it does.

We reckon £50 is reasonable for something so versatile, even if you’re not using it every day. Despite its downsides, the Mifold is extremely useful — and with the unpredictability of parenting, we think it’s worth having in a back pocket.

The Specs

Suitable from: 15kg
Weight: 0.75kg
Dimensions: 25cm x 12cm x 4cm
RRP: £50

Available in a wide range of bright colours.

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