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First Look: Bugaboo Lynx review

The newest addition to the Bugaboo family is the Lynx, the little brother to the Fox 2. We give the lowdown on all the latest features and additions.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jun 11, 2021

family with bugaboo lynx pushchair

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Over the 14 years Bugaboo pushchairs have been about, they’ve improved with each model that comes to market. Their range of comfort multi-terrain buggies offers something for everyone.

The newest addition is the Lynx, the ‘little brother’ to the newly updated Fox 2. We asked a MNHQ parent tester to take a first look and find out what’s on offer this time around.

Who is the Bugaboo Lynx for?

Good news: the Bugaboo Lynx is for everyone! But it’s especially useful if you live a bit of a hybrid life.

Town types will love the huge shopping basket, plus the fact that it folds down easily – and will even stand by itself neatly in the corner of a café when folded. Meanwhile, those of an outdoor persuasion will enjoy the puncture-proof, multi-terrain wheels.

It does a bit of everything and does it well, coping easily with rough ground on woodland walks but not looking out of place whizzing along city pavements either.

The Lynx folds easily into two pieces to fit into a car boot and is extremely lightweight (just 9.4kg), so is ideal for nipping on and off public transport too. It’s suitable from birth and has a beautiful carrycot that clicks onto the chassis. This can later be replaced with a main seat, which then grows with your child up to 22kg.

Above all, it’s perfect for those who demand high levels of comfort for themselves and their baby. It’s virtually effortless to push, gliding along with the merest push of your fingertips. From your baby’s perspective, the fabulous suspension and plush padding give the comfiest of rides.

bugaboo lynx wheels

How does this compare to the Bugaboo Fox 2?

While the Lynx is multi-terrain, the popular Bugaboo Fox 2 is all-terrain, so if you lean more towards the great outdoors and know you’ll regularly be going off-road, the Fox 2 may be the one to go for.

The back wheels are bigger and chunkier than on the Lynx, which makes the Fox 2 slightly heavier (sitting at 9.9kg), but these specs give more control over very rough ground.

It also has four-wheel suspension as opposed to the Lynx’s two-wheel, which gives a smoother ride over bumps and is a helpful extra if you’re regularly on rough terrain. The Fox 2 is also slightly simpler to fold.

The Lynx in detail

Bugaboo is constantly striving to improve their buggies with each new release and, as always, the Lynx offers a few new design features from parents’ wish lists.

Firstly and most importantly, it’s lighter to push than other Bugaboo comfort prams and offers a seriously smooth ride thanks to the clever front-wheel suspension. The puncture-proof wheels mean you can go wherever you please.

There are two different folds to choose from, either the compact two-piece fold or self- standing one-piece fold, meaning it's great for storage.

Firstly, there’s the super-compact fold, where you take the seat or bassinet off the chassis and it all folds down flat – useful for when you’re putting it in the car. Secondly, there’s a collapse fold that you can do without removing the seat, which then allows the buggy to stand alone, resting on its handle.

The seat sits high on the frame at 56cm (sitting at 59cm on the Fox 2), which means your baby is closer to you so you can easily interact with them, and they get a better view of the world going by.

Bugaboo has used soft fabrics to enhance your baby’s comfort and to give a more premium feel. The improved breezy sun canopy with a peekaboo window lets you look in on your baby easily and allows air to circulate around her, keeping her cool.

family with bugaboo lynx travel system

The Bugaboo Lynx at first glance

The Bugaboo Lynx is nothing short of beautiful and its design is really smart. We love the neutral colourways and details, from the leather-look handlebars and squishy fabrics on the carrycot and seat, to the pleasingly chunky wheels.

While the Bugaboo Fox 2 offers more design options, allowing customers to choose a base colour, fabric colour and canopy colour, the Bugaboo Lynx is still available in three core, neutral colours that won’t date. Best of all, the fabrics feel like they would hide marks well and have the bonus of being machine-washable.

Stand-out features

The Lynx is part of Bugaboo’s range of multi-terrain buggies, which are as soft and comfy on the inside as they are tough on the outside – and this is one of the comfiest prams we’ve encountered.

1. Excellent suspension

Most noticeable for us with this latest model is just how easy it is to push – and what a smooth ride it gives too.

The Lynx has somehow combined lightness with high-quality materials, and the sort of suspension you’d be pleased to find in a car.

It negotiates bumps, rocky ground and uneven paving slabs really well, with the robust wheels and sturdy suspension taking all the pain, while the seat and carrycot seem to float elegantly above – exactly what you need when you have a sleeping baby on board.

2. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

The Lynx is incredibly lightweight at just 9.4kg, making it a cinch to chuck into the car boot or manoeuvre around public transport. It’s also really easy to push and lift, so if you aren’t the most muscle-bound of parents then this is the one for you. It’s incredibly easy to lift and manoeuvre, whether you need to carry it up steps or just lift it onto a bus behind you with your baby in the other arm.

The turning circle is second to none too and, because the pram responds so quickly to a change of direction, it can be easily pushed with one hand. The brake is easily applied with one foot – just press down to put it on and kick up to release.

If you’re having a C-section, or suffer with back issues, this will be music to your ears as you’ll never strain anything pushing the Lynx around. It simply glides with you wherever you go.

3. Super comfy carrycot and seat for small passengers

Both carrycot and chair are thoughtfully designed to be super-comfortable for their tiny passengers. We loved the fabrics which feel really soft and cosy, but look like they would stand up to a thorough going over with a baby wipe too.

The frame for the top of the bassinet cleverly turns into the chair frame, with just a few buttons to undo and bits of fabric to push and glide in and out. The downside there is that you can’t easily click the bassinet and chair on whenever you want to swap, but actually we don’t think you’d want to do it frequently and this design means the other bassinet parts just fold away neatly into a cupboard.

The carrycot itself is roomy, but feels deep and cosy enough for a newborn – particularly reassuring in the early days – and the apron cover for it offers a bit more protection against the elements as well as shade when it’s warm.

4. Comfy reclining and reversible seat

When your baby’s a little bigger, you can switch the carrycot for the chair, which is decked out in the same soft and comfy fabric. The chair sits a little higher than on some Bugaboo models, giving your little one a better view and making it easier to lift them in and out.

The seat recline is smoother than ever and, pleasingly, the seat reclines to be really flat which is a huge bonus at nap time. Although the seat doesn’t extend as it does on the Bee 6 and Ant, the Lynx and Fox 2 do have deeper, roomier seats as they’re part of Bugaboo’s comfort range, lasting most children up to the age of four.

5. New and improved sun canopy

The sun canopy has also been reimagined, and has breezy panels to allow air to circulate freely, as well as a peekaboo opening so you can look in on your baby easily.

6. Intuitive and compact fold

Props to Bugaboo’s Dutch designers for giving some serious consideration to the fold on the Lynx. You can easily fold the pushchair down in a matter of seconds in three simple moves and the new fold button is one of our favourite features.

The buggy can be freestanding when folded, which is a real boon, though watch you haven’t parked it in a puddle because it rests on its handle.

You can also do a more compact fold for fitting it into smaller car boots or tiny spaces by taking it apart into two pieces. You can’t really do it with your baby on one arm, but it’s a very simple and quick process nonetheless.

7. Hello, large storage basket

And we must also make mention of the 10kg storage basket underneath. The basket may not seem like the most important element of a buggy, but trust us, you’ll miss this one when your pushchair days are done. It’s lovely and wide, holds a generous amount of shopping (plus a changing bag) and is really easy to access too. Top marks.

man pushing bugaboo lynx pushchair

Let’s talk about money

The Bugaboo Lynx retails at £795, a bit less than the Fox 2 which sits at £995. Bugaboo also offer a free extended three-year warranty on all pushchairs.

But more importantly, are these all-terrain and multi-terrain buggies worth it if you have the budget? An unequivocal yes. The design, engineering and high-quality materials used make either model worth every penny, but the Fox 2 is the more premium of the two and a long-standing favourite.

There’s very little we’d want to change about either and Bugaboo has clearly put lots of thought into extras and making improvements to earlier models that add up to a big difference.

They’re also excellent value for money, taking your child from birth through to preschool age. Plus, there are no nasty surprises when it comes to paying for extras. In the past, with some Bugaboo models, we’ve been disappointed to find that not everything you need comes as part of the price tag; some don’t include the carrycot, for example. But everything here is in the box so there are no sudden unexpected extras to pay for.

Bugaboos are also built to last and hold their value well. An investment for sure, but their high quality prams will be used and loved by different generations, which has a huge effect on lowering environmental impact – a win-win!

bugaboo lynx with carrycot attached


As with the Bugaboo Fox 2, the booklet provided with the Lynx is pretty easy to follow, but we’d love to see some YouTube videos from Bugaboo HQ on assembly, like those they offer for the Fox 2.

That said, the Fox 2 videos are pretty helpful to watch if you’ve any queries with the Lynx, as many of the parts are similar. And there’s a whole selection of Lynx YouTube videos on things like changing the seat configuration, using the breaks and adding accessories, so you can browse through those as and when you need them. You don’t need any tools for assembly, though an extra pair of hands is very useful!

What’s interesting about the Lynx and the Fox 2 is that there’s some clever design work, where the seat frame doubles as the surround for the carrycot. It means that you aren’t having to store a bulky carrycot when it’s not in use, so that’s a big plus. And how often really do you want to switch between seat and carrycot? Most parents only do it once or twice.

Both carrycot and chair slide quietly but firmly onto the base with a reassuring click, and there are no annoying catches or buttons that trap your fingers as you attempt to depress, slide and pull at the same time. It’s all really well designed with parents’ stress levels front of mind.

The Bugaboo Turtle car seat is compatible with the Lynx and the Fox 2 and also clicks on and off in the same way. All lovely and simple.

bugaboo lynx folded

Key specs for the Bugaboo Lynx

  • Large, puncture-proof wheels suitable for most terrain
  • Two-wheel suspension for a smooth ride
  • Lightweight design (only 9.4kg – Bugaboo’s lightest ever multi-terrain comfort pushchair)
  • Two folds: a one-piece freestanding fold and compact two-piece fold
  • Seat unit and carrycot use the same frame and click easily onto the chassis
  • Reversible and reclinable seat sits high on the frame (56cm high)
  • Soft and padded seat and carrycot surround
  • Hardwearing brake
  • Large shopping basket (up to 10kg)
  • Canopy with air vents and peekaboo window
  • Five-point harness on seat
  • Extendable handlebar (99cm to 110cm)
  • Belly bar for extra security
  • Raincover
  • Compatible with the lightweight Bugaboo Turtle Air car seat for a seamless integration, plus many other popular car seat options (compatible when using the applicable adapters)
  • Suitable from birth to four years (22kg)
woman holding bugaboo lynx handlebar

Verdict (for now)

If you’re going to be using your buggy both in town and on rougher terrain, the Bugaboo Lynx will rise to every occasion. Those big puncture-proof wheels take on rocky and rough ground easily, but on smooth surfaces won’t feel too outdoorsy.

The suspension is great and coupled with the cosy, padded fabrics will ensure your baby naps peacefully when you’re on the move.

It’s also just as comfortable for parents to use – you can push and steer easily with one hand, so there’s no pressure on your post-birth body, and the handlebar adjusts easily for your partner, parents or anyone else to use. We’d have liked the wrist strap to be a little longer, but that’s our only complaint.

The carrycot isn’t suitable for sleeping in overnight, but is great for out-and-about naps and, in the early days, feels like just the sort of comforting cocoon you want for your baby. The fact that the Lynx then grows with your child all the way up to four years of age makes it well worth its price tag. And it’s light enough and folds easily enough that you’ll probably never need to buy an umbrella-fold buggy, so it ticks every box.

Its weight also means it’s a good buy for anyone who uses public transport regularly as it’s so easy to manoeuvre up steps and escalators, and on and off trains and buses.

Everything you need is in the box. The Lynx feels like a complete solution to travelling with your baby – and a super comfy one too.

A great choice for both city and country living, and ideal for anyone prioritising comfort for both parents and baby, the Lynx is definitely worth a space on your final pram shortlist.

woman pushing bugaboo fox

Bugaboo Lynx vs Bugaboo Fox 2 – which is better?

The Bugaboo Lynx is the ‘little brother’ to Bugaboo’s much loved Fox 2. The first difference you’ll notice is the price – the Fox 2 retails at a couple of hundred pounds more than the Lynx. What do you get for that extra £200? Mainly some pretty impressive suspension.

The Lynx is a very smooth ride but the Fox 2 has four-wheel suspension, which just inches ahead. The Fox 2 also has slightly bigger wheels, and the chair sits higher at 59cm. It’s also only slightly heavier than the Lynx at 9.9kg.

Which do you need? It really depends on personal preference and how much rough terrain your buggy will see. The Fox 2 is great for an outward-bound family and also offers more options for personalisation, but if you need more of a hybrid pushchair for town and country, the Lynx offers enough flexibility for most and comes with a cheaper price tag.

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