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Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Cameleon 3

Bugaboo's pushchairs are known for their comfort and style. But what's the difference between two of their most popular models, the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Cameleon3? Read on to find out.

By Laura Westerman | Last updated May 26, 2021

bugaboo fox and bugaboo cameleon 3

The world of pushchairs can be a minefield, especially for new parents just getting to grips with those all-important newborn essentials.

For those looking to invest in a high-end pushchair, Bugaboo is a go-to. With a variety of innovative products on the market including parent favourites the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Cameleon, it's no wonder the brand comes so highly recommended.

Why you should trust us

We spend at least four months every year researching and testing the UK's best travel systems to bring parents the most up-to-date, reliable and expert-led reviews. In 2019, we conducted 12 hours of research and over 2000 hours of testing alone to find five winners worthy of Mumsnet Best.

The Bugaboo Fox scored highly during testing and was awarded 'Best Versatile Travel System 2019'. A year earlier, the Bugaboo Cameleon3 came out on top and was awarded Mumsnet's 'Best Pushchair 2018'.

When it comes to size and functionality, the Fox and the Cameleon3 aren't really that different. But which Bugaboo is best and what sets these similar-looking pushchairs apart?

Here are the key differences between the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Cameleon3.

Bugaboo Fox - quick overview

bugaboo fox

Described as the 'most advanced comfort pushchair' by Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Fox is a compact travel system that's stylish, flexible and, above all, comfortable.

Fitting well into everyday family life, the Fox is ideal for an active family and particularly good for urban lifestyles.


  • Slim frame
  • Seat sits in a high position
  • Larger basket capacity than the Cameleon3 (38 litres)


  • Handle height is awkward to adjust on the go
  • Quite a few stages to fold

Bugaboo Cameleon3 - quick overview

bugaboo cameleon 3

First launched into the luxury pram market in 2005, the Cameleon is Bugaboo's most iconic pushchair.

As its name suggests, the Bugaboo Cameleon adapts seamlessly to its surroundings. Like the Fox, it's as sleek and as stylish as we'd expect for a Bugaboo pram, and is ideal for parents looking for a travel system that's versatile and easy to use.

Bugaboo's latest version is the Cameleon3 Plus, which offers more colour options than its predecessor the Cameleon3, a redesigned frame and seat, and a bigger and more accessible under-seat storage basket.


  • Strong but lightweight
  • Reversible handlebar
  • Spacious seat


  • Clumsy recline
  • Switching between the main seat, carrycot and car seat can be tricky

Bugaboo Fox vs. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus – the price

Depending on the customisations you choose, including frame (aluminium or black), there is, in fact, a difference in price between the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus.

Starting at £979, the Bugaboo Fox is over £200 more expensive than the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus which has a retail price of £759.

Owing to the Bugaboo Fox's additional features and three-step customisation (two style sets are offered with the Cameleon3), we're hardly surprised. But for parents on a tighter budget, the price difference could make choosing between the two travel systems a whole lot easier.

The Cameleon3 Plus is also much cheaper than the Bugaboo Fox when bought secondhand. While you're looking at a price of at least £500 for the Fox, the Cameleon3 Plus can be found online for around £300.

Fox vs. Cameleon3 Plus – weight and dimensions

Suitable from birth to 22kg (which is around four years old), the Bugaboo Fox has a longer lifespan than the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus which is designed to hold up to 17kg (a child around three years old).

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus is lighter than the Fox though, with a weight of 9.6kg versus the Fox's 9.9kg, however the Fox is generally more sturdy.

All-in-all, both pushchairs are fairly lightweight, especially when compared to other travel systems on the market such as Mumsnet Best winner the Nuna Mixx, which comes in at around 12.5kg.

Bugaboo Fox specs

  • Weight with seat: 9.9kg
  • Ultra-compact fold: 19 × 54 × 66 cm
  • One-piece fold (self-standing): 46 × 60 × 88 cm

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus specs

  • Weight with seat: 9.6 kg
  • Two-piece fold: 90 × 59 × 31 cm

Fox vs. Cameleon3 Plus – the fold

While the Bugaboo Fox is similar in size to the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus, it can be folded more compactly. The Fox's fold is one of the reasons it works well in busy urban spaces. It's slim frame also makes public transport and tight spaces easy to negotiate.

The frame of the Bugaboo Fox can be folded with the seat still in place. However it also has an ultra-compact fold if you’re prepared to remove both the wheels and the seat, but this does involve a fair few steps and can be tricky to accomplish.

Once folded, the Fox stands upright and fits well into a medium-sized boot of an average five-door family car with the wheels on or off.

The fold on the Bugaboo Cameleon3 can be done in one swift movement, but the seat, carrycot and relevant adaptors have to be removed first.

Like the Bugaboo Fox, the Cameleon's frame is freestanding once folded and will fit snugly into most car boots, but we think that the Cameleon3 is slightly easier to fold overall.

The fold on the Bugaboo Cameleon3 can be done in one swift movement, but the seat, carrycot and relevant adaptors have to be removed first.

Like the Bugaboo Fox, the Cameleon's frame is freestanding once folded and will fit snugly into most car boots, but we think that the Cameleon3 is slightly easier to fold overall.

Fox vs. Cameleon3 Plus – manoeuvrability, wheels and brake

Both the Bugaboo Fox and Cameleon3 Plus are strong and sturdy despite being lightweight. When it comes to manoeuvrability, the Fox is comfortable to push one-handed, aided by an adjustable handle that has a decent range to suit a multitude of heights.

The Cameleon3 is no different, with an adjustable handlebar and similarly large wheels that glide well over different terrain, including kerbs. Like the Fox, the Cameleon's front wheels also swivel for easier movement but they are approximately five centimetres smaller in size.

Both pushchairs boast all-wheel suspension and have tyres that grip well to different surfaces. The Bugaboo Fox just pips the Cameleon3 Plus to the post here though with additional suspension on the central joint which means a smoother ride for any small passenger.

Bugaboo Fox wheel specs

  • Front wheel dimensions: 21.6 cm
  • Rear wheel dimensions: 30.5 cm
  • Number of wheels: Four

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus wheel specs

  • Front wheel dimensions: 15.2 cm
  • Rear wheel dimensions: 30.5 cm
  • Number of wheels: Four

What about the brake?

We prefer the brake on the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus as, instead of a standard foot pedal (which you see on the Bugaboo Fox), the brake is controlled by a lever positioned on the right-hand side of the handlebar.

While this does means easier access and no scuff marks to shoes, be aware that it may take some getting used to.

Fox vs. Cameleon3 Plus – seat, harness and basket

Both the Bugaboo Fox and the Cameleon3 Plus have seats that are parent- and world-facing. When we tested the Bugaboo Fox in 2019, our tester particularly liked its high seat position which meant that she could easily make eye contact with her baby.

The seat sits higher off the ground than the Cameleon3's, but both seats are equally as comfortable and spacious to allow plenty of room for fast-growing children.

While you can use the adaptors to change the seat orientation on the Cameleon3, the travel system's real selling point is its reversible handlebar – the handlebar can be moved over the child's head until you're pushing the pram from the opposite direction.

This offers great flexibility for parents, especially those who want to be able to switch their pushchair between parent- and world-facing modes at a moment's notice, and this isn't a feature you will find on the Bugaboo Fox.

The Fox and Cameleon3 Plus both boast five-point harnesses, three recline positions (upright, lie-flat and somewhere in between), and compatibility with a carrycot and car seat. When it comes to storage capacity though, the Bugaboo Fox easily wins the race with a 38-litre basket that outshines the Cameleon3 Plus' 22 litres.

Car seat compatibility

Car seats compatible with the Bugaboo Fox

  • Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna (no adapter required, which is an industry first and unique to the Bugaboo Fox)
  • Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite LX and PIPA Icon
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Max and Mico Max 30, Maxi-Cosi Rock i-Size, Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus and Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix
  • Kiddy Evoluna i-Size and i-Size 2, plus Kiddy Evolution Pro 2
  • Cybex Aton and Cloud Q series
  • Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 30
  • BeSafe iZi Go and iZi Go Modular
  • Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 and Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido

Car seats compatible with the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus

  • Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30, Mico NXT, Prezi, CabrioFix and Pebble
  • Cybex Cloud Q, Aton Q and Aton 2
  • Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit30
  • Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 and Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido
bugaboo fox and bugaboo cameleon 3 with carrycots

Fox vs. Cameleon3 Plus – colours and design

One of the great things about the Bugaboo brand is its commitment to attractive designs and its ability to offer a wide range of colour options, which sets it apart from most other travel systems on the market.

The Bugaboo Fox has more colour and design choices overall than the Cameleon3 Plus (15 versus 13) and there is also the possibility to choose a preferred seat fabric which you can't do for the Cameleon3 Plus.

We also like the fact that all the Bugaboo Fox's core colour range fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles which shows a strong commitment to using eco-friendly materials. This is also true for the Cameleon3 Plus' sun canopy fabrics.

The Cameleon3 Plus has an improved design and range of colour options when compared to the Cameleon3 though. It also offers more design options than the Fox for the frame itself – black, black aluminium, classic grey mélange and black, and classic grey mélange and aluminium – which we think a lot of parents will appreciate.

With that said, the Fox and the Cameleon3 Plus are both strong contenders in the design stakes and we think they sit pretty much neck and neck.

Fox vs. Cameleon3 Plus – assembly

Assembly for both the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus will take between five and 10 minutes, which is a huge advantage for parents looking for a quick and easy set-up that requires no tools.

In terms of difficulty though, the Cameleon3 Plus is easier to assemble overall with a bassinet that is less fiddly and more intuitive to put together than that of the Fox.

Fox vs. Cameleon3 Plus – cleanliness

Both pushchairs still looked brand-new after testing, which greatly impressed our testers.

The fabrics on both the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or removed and thrown into the washing machine to be washed at 30 degrees.

Stains will, of course, depend on colour choice and it may take some extra time to disassemble the hood if you plan on sticking that in the wash as well. It can also be sponge-washed if necessary.

All-in-all, both pushchairs are easy to clean and scored equally well when it came to cleanliness.

Which Bugaboo is best?

The verdict is in…

When it comes to longevity, manoeuvrability and storage, the Bugaboo Fox is the clear overall winner.

However, the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Plus has some special design features that shouldn't be ignored, such as a handy reversible handlebar with an embedded brake lever that makes the pushchair a dream to use day-to-day.

The Cameleon3 Plus is also the cheaper pushchair when bought new or secondhand, which, depending on your budget, may well be the ultimate deciding factor between the two.

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