Best Electric Breast Pump 2018

Spectra S2 review

For longevity, reliability and top-quality performance, the Spectra S2 is rightly beloved by Mumsnetters.

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Some breastpumps are like workhorses: less streamlined than others, perhaps, but able to perform at the highest level, consistently, for days, weeks and years. It’s that sort of breast pump that becomes invaluable when expressing full-time – eight times a day, seven days a week – for a premature baby, or to keep your supply going when your baby struggles with her latch. This is where the Spectra S2 comes into its own.

It’s easily the biggest of the units we tested: a sizeable pastel-coloured sphere with a handle, integrated bottle stand and two levels of nightlight. There are no battery options, so you’ll always need to be near a mains supply. But the Spectra S2 caters to your needs in various ways: both the cycle and vacuum levels can be adjusted minutely to suit you, and there’s an automatic let-down phase for convenience. The display screen shows how long you’ve been pumping and also includes a timer, so the pump will turn itself off automatically after 30 minutes.

The six-piece pump is a closed-system design and is a cinch to put together. There are two funnels and bottles provided, to convert to a double pump if needed. The bottles are fairly basic, but do come with teats and caps, should you want to convert to a feeding bottle in a hurry.

It's hospital grade for a fraction of the price - I'm a big fan.

All that, and the Spectra is practically noiseless – the quietest model we tested – so stays unobtrusively in the background of family life. It’s the most expensive pump in our testing group, at £149.95 at the time of review, but comes with a generous two-year warranty. So you and your Spectra can work together for as long as you need.

The Specs

Type: closed system
BPA-free materials
Included: electric unit, two pumps and two bottles, two bottle teats and caps, two sealing discs, spare parts
Warranty: two years
RRP: £149.95

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  • Best Electric Breast Pump 2018

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