Best Bike Seat for Older Children 2018

Britax Jockey Comfort Review

Suitable for children up to a weight of 22kg, the Britax Jockey Comfort is your perfect bike-seat solution for an older child

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No matter how old your passenger may be, you need a bike seat that will feel sturdy and secure – and that is what Britax’s Jockey Comfort offers by the bucketload.

The easily adjusted three-point harness meant our mini-tester travelled in perfect safety, and the nine-position adjustable head support and the super-easy recline meant no comfort was lost. The seat is very securely attached to the bike and there are no obvious ways that a child would be able to hurt themselves.

Britax Jockey Comfort bike seat

The plastic seat is sturdy, and the fabric for the cushioned seat was padded and cosy. The foot straps, although slightly fiddly, are made of softer plastic, and the arm straps are all padding and fabric, too. There were no sharp edges or shoddy finishes, and we also liked the added bonus of a reflector on the back. The overall finish has a real premium feel to it; exactly what you would expect for this kind of price.

The Jockey Comfort has a relatively classic and safe look, not necessarily what we’d deem stylish – but it has great functionality visible from the outset. The seat is easy to clean and the seat padding is machine washable, which is definitely an added bonus when travelling with a child of any age.

As you might expect from such a sturdy and solidly-built seat, there are a few handling concerns. For a start, although the included instructions are clear, comprehensive and relatively easy to follow, this is far and away the fiddliest of the installs we performed. Be prepared for a few frustrating attempts before the bracket slots on properly. Also, the bulk of the seat means it is noticeably heavy – straight out of the box you can feel the additional weight of the unit.

This said, because the child was closer to the centre of the bike, the ride was smoother and more steady in comparison to other seats tested. Both our tester and mini-tester could happily have ridden for hours with this seat.

And this is why we think this is an ideal seat for an older child. Quite apart from the sturdiness and security, it’s a fun and comfortable ride. At £115, it may seem costly, but as this seat could last a good few years (and be suitable to use with siblings at varying ages) we think it’s a great long-term investment.

The Specs

Front or back mount? Back
Dimensions: 71.2 × 46 × 43cm
Weight: 5.7kg
Safety harness type: Three-point
Age range: 9kg to 22kg
RRP: £115
Average resale price: £38
Colour and design options: The seat comes in black with reversible padding in either turquoise/purple, black/grey, or red/blue

Bike specifications: Britax say this seat fits bikes with tube diameter 28 to 40mm, and can be used with or without a luggage carrier. More information can be found on the website.

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  • Best Bike Seat for Older Children 2018

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