Best Baby Feeding Bottle for Newborns 2018

Medela Calma Review

For those wanting to feed their baby expressed milk from a bottle, without jeopardising hard-won breastfeeding routines, we think the Medela Calma offers extra peace of mind

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We know that first-time mums worry endlessly about getting breastfeeding ‘right’, particularly with a newborn. The Calma is the result of years of research between Medela and the University of Western Australia, and all that careful engineering shows: it’s a futuristic-looking bottle, with an open-ended teat and a two-piece air venting system including hard petals to mimic the breast.

When drinking from the Calma, the baby creates their own vacuum: as they suck, milk flows, and as they pause to breathe, it stops. This is the same technique they’re learning while breastfeeding, so the skill is reinforced. It also means the bottle doesn’t spill when accidentally knocked over: a godsend when feeding around toddler siblings.

The long, narrow teat is the only one we tested that didn’t look thoroughly overwhelming when hovering over a new baby’s mouth, so it’s particularly suitable for newborns. But thanks to the open end, there’s no need to buy new teats as your baby grows – they’ll continue to use it for as long as you’d like them to.

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There are some downsides to the Calma: assembly and disassembly are fiddly tasks, the narrow neck makes it tricky to clean inside, and the venting system prevents you from seeing how much milk is left in the teat. It’s also the second-most expensive bottle on our list, at an eyewatering £15.99 per small 150ml unit. If you’re willing to invest, though, the Calma could offer you some much-needed ease and flexibility.

NB: Because it takes effort to extract the milk, if your baby’s already experienced a different, easier bottle they may not get on with this one.

The Stats

Bottles: Available in a 150ml volume (RRP £15.99) or a 250ml volume (RRP 16.99).

Materials: polypropylene plastic, silicone, BPA free

Compatible with Medela electric and manual breastpumps.

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  • Best Baby Feeding Bottle for Newborns 2018

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