Baby wearing is a trend that is here to stay, and we’re not surprised as it offers a hands-free approach to many aspects of parenting. It is multi-tasking at its finest, and makes swerving through busy shops with a buggy a thing of the past.

Each of our carriers has been tested thoroughly by real life parents, dealing with real parenting situations. They have been tested for practicality, comfort, quality, ease of changing positions, solo-wearing and the presence of extra features like head covers and supports.

The carriers we tested have been taken on holiday, on hikes, on school runs, on the underground, on days out and worn around the house. They have been used for nap time, during fussy periods and at times when our tester simply just wanted to get things done.

How does the reviews process work?

Mumsnet has been helping to make parents' lives easier since 2000, and in those years we’ve seen, tried and reviewed countless products.

Our testing is best in class: we rigorously test each product in real-life situations with real children to ensure it’s up to scratch. Our reviews are utterly exhaustive, leaving no stone unturned, with every possibly scenario considered – meaning parents don’t need to compare reviews or hunt around for other opinions. They know Mumsnet has it covered.

The aim of Mumsnet Reviews is to produce the best product reviews on the market for parent and baby products.

How are the Mumsnet Bests awarded?

The Best Overall Buy for the category tends to be the highest-scoring product during testing. It will have scored highly in all the following categories: safety and stability, assembly, day-to-day usage, cleanliness and hygiene, aesthetics, and value for money.

For each category, there will also be runners-up. Our runners-up are high scorers that are given honourable mention for specific reasons.


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