Best Car Seat for Value 2018

Joie Every Stage

Joie’s car seat adapts to each stage of your child’s development, from birth all the way up to age 12

If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, the Every Stage is the seat for you. At only £199 at the time of review, it’s excellent value for money, but is it actually any good?

In short: yes. The Every Stage feels completely secure when it’s attached using the standard three-point seat belt (front or rear facing position). The multi-position Guard Surround Safety panels provide extra side impact protection, and the long “autoadjust” side wings look very protective from shoulder to hip. Our tester had no safety concerns at all when using this car seat.

It's worth noting that this car seat does not use Isofix.


Joie has a number of helpful videos on its Youtube channel which show clearly how the seat is attached; we’d recommend taking a look if you’re not sure about the seat-belt installation.

You could be looking at it for 12 years, so it’s important that the design doesn’t make you want to scream. Luckily, Joie seems to have taken this into account; the Every Stage has a timeless look that will age well and blend into almost any car interior. There’s a choice of six colours, so you can personalise it to your tastes (or your child’s if you’re really brave). With thick padding and strong yet soft fabric, you can really tell this seat was built to last. In terms of comfort, the Every Stage is a winner; with an impressive 10 recline positions, it send our mini-tester off to sleep easily.

The Every Stage car seat can be used in the rear-facing position up to a weight of 18 kg (around four years), which is great, as it’s recommended that your child stays rear facing as long as possible. However, if you choose, you can also safely switch to forward facing from 15 months. Switching involves removing the seat and reattaching the seat in the forward-facing position; a bit of a chore, but theoretically one you’d only have to do once.


However, as your child grows bigger, so does the seat. Unless you have a people carrier, we’d recommend measuring your back seat to make sure the fully extended car seat will fit without blocking your rear view. Many 3/4 group car seats are just booster seats rather than full backed, so if your car is on the smaller side these are probably a better option. You can have a look at some options on our Child Car Seat reviews section. Once you’ve made sure you have room, adjusting the size of the car seat is amazingly straightforward. Even the sides adjust at multiple points so you can really customise the size and shape.

Overall, the Every Stage is a true family car seat. It suits newborns, toddlers and bigger children, and is a breeze to convert between age groups. What’s more, with it's 12 year lifespan it costs the equivalent of just £16.60 a year, making it truly good value for money.

The Specs

Suitable from: Birth to 12 years
Weight: 13.9 kg
Dimensions: H87 x W51.5 x D52 cm
RRP: £199
Website: Joie

Available in six different colour combinations, all using red, black and/or grey.

Still not sure? Have a look at our Best Child Car Seat reviews.

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