Best Baby Bouncer for Innovation 2018

Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level review

The Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level is ingeniously designed. It starts as a traditional floor bouncer and can be elevated to sofa level (and everywhere in between), keeping your baby entertained and safe in the process. It’s our Best Baby Bouncer for Innovation 2018.

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  • Height of bouncer can be adjusted
  • Easy to store
  • No assembly required
  • Musical and vibration options


  • Need to use a special key in order to fold it flat, so you mustn’t lose the key!
  • Large base needs a lot of floor space

Key features of the Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level

  • Multi-level feature
  • Five-point harness
  • Washable seat cover
  • Infant insert

How big is the Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level?

  • 76cm (L) x 51cm (W) x 58-86cm (H)

Oh, we do like to be given plenty of choice, and that’s what the people at Skip Hop have done with this clever baby bouncer.

The genius design of the Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level keeps your baby in sight, happy and safely supported at all times. Add to that the multitude of nifty ways it has to entertain your baby, and its spectacular good looks, and it’s no wonder it was a winner.

Skip Hop height being adjusted by a mother

How easy is it to put the bouncer together?

There is no assembly required at all with this bouncer so it’s ready for use immediately. Was that a choir of angels we heard singing, just then? Hold on – there are a couple of caveats: the bouncer comes with a key (handily labelled: “I am a key!” just so it’s completely idiot-proof) which enables you to fold the bouncer up, so there is no need to search around in your tool box for a screwdriver.

This is all well and dandy but if you lose that key, you are stuffed. The key is the only way you can fold it. Our tester suggested taping the key to the bottom of the bouncer so you always know where it is, but even that is fraught with danger if your child gets hold of it when they get older. We’d suggest sending yourself an email titled “Where is the key to my baby bouncer” and recording its location there. Your future self can thank us later.

Back to the assembly: the bouncer takes three C batteries (which are not included) so you need to make sure you have some of those in stock, too. Once you’ve got your batteries and found a secure location for your key, you’re ready to go.

How good is the Skip Hop bouncer on day-to-day usage?

Very good – its flexibility means this a product for all seasons. Most baby bouncers keep things close to the floor, but with Skip Hop the bouncer is getting a much-needed lift.

With the turn of a knob you can adjust the height from floor to couch-level—and anywhere in between. This meant that when our tester and her partner were sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of tea, their baby could join in, rather than staring up at them balefully from the floor.

The multi-level feature makes engaging with your baby so much easier and is the perfect way to integrate them into family mealtimes or other social events. We’re amazed no one else thought of it before, frankly.

Aside from the innovative uplift feature, there are loads of things to keep your baby occupied. The Skip Hop Uplift plays songs and nature sounds, vibrates and includes a tuck-away toy bar. Our tester’s baby happily played with the toys and gurgled along to the music while our tester got on with chores. He was a particular fan of the baby mirror on the toy bar and loved the soothing vibration mode when he got a bit sleepy.

For parents, one of the great things about the Skip Hop Uplift is there is a volume control for the songs and music – very important because whatever tunes your bouncer plays, you will eventually want to throw things through windows when you hear them. Being able to just turn it down a touch to buy yourself back some sanity is a big bonus. There is also an auto-off feature after 20 minutes so if you forget to stop the music, the bouncer will do it for you.

The Skip Hop Uplift has an ordinary bounce feature, so you can manually bounce it without any of the fancy vibrations and jingles but you can also add batteries to make the melodies and nature sounds play.

To raise the seat, you simply twist a knob and adjust it to any height you want. Remember that you shouldn’t have your baby in the seat when you are adjusting the height up or down.

How easy is the Skip Hop Uplift bouncer to clean?

The Skip Hop Uplift has a removable seat and cushioned infant insert which are all machine-washable. When our tester’s baby managed to throw his dinner over it, it wasn’t a problem as our tester just whipped it off and popped it in the wash. If only you could do the same with wallpaper, eh?

Skip Hop on one of the highest recline settings

What does the bouncer looks like?

With a modern, neutral colour palette and beautifully streamlined look, the Skip Hop Uplift fits into any contemporary home. It’s a gender neutral design, making it more usable for a second baby – we were never a fan of big ticket items in frilly pink anyway. And it has a luxurious 100% cotton jersey insert, which is easy to remove and washable, to support younger babies. This can be detached as your baby grows.

How safe is the Skip Hop Uplift?

We really rate this bouncer on safety because of its uplift feature. This means you can keep your baby in sight (and therefore safe) while you potter around doing chores or preparing meals. Our tester said she felt reassured by how safe her baby looked in it. The five-point harness feels very secure and it even has a clever cover that snaps over the harness so your baby can’t fiddle with the buckle. The base of the bouncer is incredibly steady and sturdy, and when a friend’s older child leant on it, it didn’t shift an inch.

Is the Skip Hop bouncer good value for money?

It is one of the more expensive bouncers at around £130 but it has all of the features you need to soothe and entertain your baby and the innovative height aspect while not game-changing makes it stand out from other bouncers. It is quite literally on a new level from the rest of the market.

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  • Best Baby Bouncer for Innovation 2018

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