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First Look: Anex m/type review

Premium buggy brand Anex is celebrating the safe delivery of its latest arrival – the m/type. A luxury 4×4 of the stroller sphere, we took a sneak peek at this off-road model and carried out a rigorous field test – quite literally – to see how it fared.

By Louise Cole | Last updated May 12, 2022

man and woman outside pushing anex m/type buggy

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On a mission to ‘make parenting cool’ since 2012, Anex has found its feet and now breaks new ground with every model it releases.

Its newest offering is the all-terrain m/type buggy, aimed at avid outdoor explorers both big and small. We asked our parent tester to take this trailblazing stroller for an off-road spin.

Who’s it for?

While this pushchair excels in an urban environment, it’s away from pavements and pedestrians that it's demonstrably streets ahead of regular models built for city life.

The Anex m/type is made for fervent fans of the great outdoors, who take the Great British weather in their stride and are keen to venture off the beaten track with their tot in tow.

Whatever the terrain – from coastal paths to cobbled lanes and muddy fields to forest trails – the m/type is rugged enough to tackle even the roughest of surfaces while ensuring a smooth journey for both little ones and their parents.

While it does weigh almost 14kg with either the carrycot or seat in place, it nevertheless glides along effortlessly due to outstanding suspension and large rear wheels with puncture-proof, air-free tyres. It has an extremely tight turning circle, ideal for the swift avoidance of any unexpected hazards, and it’s compact enough when folded to fit into even the smallest of car boots.

The carrycot doubles as an ultra-comfy bed for your newborn, while the main seat will see your child through to their pre-school days, making the m/type a long-term purchase that can be used from birth to around four years old, or 22kg.

Also available separately are adapters to fit a wide variety of car seats, potentially making this a complete and versatile travel system. Simply put: you’ll never need another buggy.

At first glance

There’s no mistaking the quality of this chic pushchair – everything from the leatherette handlebar to the hip zips screams sophistication. Yet it’s also clear that the m/type is far more than just a pretty face and highly capable of doing what it’s meant to.

With its stylish design, it’s sure to attract admiring glances from any fellow adventurers you happen upon – that’s if you meet any at all on your off-road travels away from the throngs.

Its big back wheels show that it means business and its ample carrycot is spacious enough for even the biggest of babies, from birth up to six months or 9kg. The neutral colour options of Ink, Iron and Mocco – black, grey and taupe respectively – are timeless and disguise dirty marks well. When this isn’t the case, simply remove the fabric elements of the pushchair for handwashing (machine-washing is unfortunately not an option here).

The m/type’s basket holds up to 5kg and can be innovatively reconfigured to remain half-open for easy access to essentials. To fully close, it zips up at the sides, though not along the top, which could mean that the odd spot of rain enters on non-dry days.

While the basket isn’t huge, it should be remembered that this stroller wasn’t designed for shopping, plus Anex provides a handy matching branded backpack to house any extra items that parents want to bring along for the ride.


Even the most impractical parent will have little trouble assembling the Anex m/type. Although it comes with a brief but comprehensive manual, the stroller can – for the most part – be put together without the need to refer to instructions because construction is so straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes.

The four wheels connect with a push and a click, while the chassis folds out with minimal effort after unclipping the side safety catch. The carrycot or seat slides easily onto the frame’s adapters and can be lifted off by pressing two side buttons one after the other.

Although the shopping basket is a little fiddly to attach, fitting so snugly to the bars, once it’s on it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to remove it. Conversely, the seat hood is simple to slot into place, but tricky to remove, requiring the end of a screwdriver or similar to press in a tiny button on either side – something you’re unlikely to have on you if you’re in the sticks, although a stick would probably do the job too.

Adjusting the handle height simply involves pushing a pair of buttons, one with each hand, while the elasticated rain cover and mosquito net fit both the carrycot and seat, taking mere seconds to put on.

Stand-out features

Anex has clearly considered countless open-air uncertainties in creating the m/type. Its design incorporates many features ideal – if not vital – for rural rambles, hilltop hikes or simple strolls away from smog and skyscrapers.

Protection from the elements

Whether it’s sunny or snowy, rainy or blowy, you want to be certain that your baby is sheltered and comfortable. The m/type’s water-repellent fabric will keep them dry when it’s lashing down and a well-fitting rain cover is also supplied for heavier downpours.

The buggy also comes with a mosquito net for warmer, bug-prevalent days, while the carrycot and seat hoods provide UPF50+ protection as well as hidden mesh ventilation that can be revealed via a zip for airflow when the sun is shining.

When Jack Frost puts in an appearance, the foot covers – one for the carrycot, the other for the main seat – will come into their own.

Superior suspension

This practical pram has suspension of which any decent SUV would be proud. And unlike a 4×4, there are no worries about this set of wheels getting a flat thanks to its wear-resistant, puncture-proof tyres that are made to last half as long again as regular ones.

The shock absorption has two modes and can be adjusted to suit either flat or bumpy surfaces by twisting the adapters on each side of the pram, although this requires a fairly strong grip.

Wieldy wheels

In addition to the m/type’s large rear wheels, the smaller front ones are also a major factor in the pram’s minimal-effort navigation. They swivel 360 degrees to provide enhanced manoeuvrability, allowing the stroller to roll over any rogue ruts or tree roots with ease, but can be locked into a front-facing position if preferred.

The sturdy wheels are designed not to wobble when turning and are quickly released at the press of a button – perfect for when there’s limited storage space.

Cosy carrycot and snug seat

It’s good to see that the Anex m/type comes with a carrycot, as some brands sell theirs separately. The roomy one provided has a convenient handle and is easily removed from the chassis by pushing two buttons, which stay released so that you have both hands free to lift it.

As an added bonus, the carrycot is ingeniously shaped to rock when placed on the floor. Cosy and comfy in the winter months, the carrier will also keep newborns cool when the mercury rises: the mattress contains air holes and is made from the same kind of ventilated fabric that’s used in sports clothing.

Your infant can also use the seat unit from birth – provided it’s in the most reclined of its three positions – right up until they’re four years old, facing either forwards or backwards. There’s a five-point safety belt providing peace of mind for parents and a multi-position footrest to boot.

Parental comfort

It’s not only pint-sized explorers who’ll enjoy the comforts of the m/type: parents will appreciate just how little pushing is required to get it moving – even with one hand – as well as how simple it is to control, while the comfortable, height-adjustable leatherette handlebar will particularly please shorter or taller mums and dads.

Being able to change the carrycot’s canopy position one-handed is a major plus when you have your hands full, and we love that the frame itself collapses extremely easily and can be done so without needing to remove the seat unit first. The seat’s foot cover is simple to attach with poppers and there are no problems using the parking brake – even when wearing wellies or walking boots.

We were excited to read that there are points on the frame for two cup holders (to house essential water bottles or well-deserved cappuccinos), but disappointingly the holders themselves are sold separately.

Key features

  • Large puncture-proof wheels – the front ones swivelling 360 degrees – that are all easily detachable
  • Triple shock absorption system for smoothness and manoeuvrability
  • Anti-wobble system
  • Compact frame that can be folded with seat unit still in place
  • Quality carrycot – with soft, comfortable mattress and surround – that’s easy to carry and spacious, measuring 79cm by 35cm
  • Reversible and reclinable seat unit that can be used from birth and is easily repositioned for older babies using the rear handle
  • Well-designed basket that can be reconfigured for easy access
  • Water-repellent carrycot and seat hoods for protection from the elements and with zip-open air vents
  • Five-point safety belt with four adjustable straps that are released via one button
  • Bumper bar that’s simple to attach or remove and which has a swivel hinge on each side to allow just one side to be undone for easy loading and unloading of your child
  • Height-adjustable leatherette handlebar
  • Water-repellent foot covers for both the carrycot and seat
  • Complete set of accessories included: rain cover, mosquito net and branded backpack
  • Compatible with a wide variety of car seats
  • Suitable from birth to four years

Let’s talk money

With a price tag of around £765, the m/type will set you back almost as much as a secondhand car. That said, when you consider its quality, the fact that it’s going to last you four years and that it’s the only buggy you’ll ever need for your child – and any future offspring – the outlay seems fairly reasonable.

It also includes a carrycot, unlike some of its rivals, but if you purchase optional extras such as a compatible car seat, cup holders or an umbrella, the price will obviously increase.

The m/type comes with a two-year warranty that is extended by a further year for buyers who register their stroller on the Anex website within three months of purchase.

Verdict (for now)

With the name m/type, Anex’s latest offering sounds more like a luxury vehicle produced by a certain big-cat-marque car manufacturer than a mode of child transport. Yet the similarities are there: this high-end buggy is at the prestige end of the stroller spectrum and is sure to instil a sense of adventure into even the most outdoors-averse tot.

Whether the weather is beach-worthy or blustery, the rugged-ready m/type makes light work of even the most heavy-going terrain. This multifunctional pram-cum-pushchair is in its element in the, er, elements, being both nimble and robust, and will protect its passenger come rain or shine. And although its fabric elements are handwash-only and it’d be preferable for it to come with a car seat, it’s far more capable than its pavement-dwelling alternatives in an off-road setting, able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

With both style and substance, however, you may have to make a conscious effort not to let the m/type’s beauty deter you from pushing it through the muddy puddles and potholes that it’s tailored to tackle.

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