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AmaWrap Baby Sling review

The beauty of the AmaWrap lies in its simplicity. The AmaWrap offers a hands-free approach to walking, talking and eating – basic things that can become very challenging once a new little person comes along.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

Amawrap baby carrier

The AmaWrap may seem daunting (and long) as you see it unravel, but with a bit of practice you soon get the hang of it. It really isn’t complicated once you know how, and AmaWrap has a very helpful video (below) to show you how it’s done. The AmaWrap offers three carrying positions – hip, basic and newborn carry. With each position the fabric is wrapped in the same way around your body, but slight tweaks to the fabric as you wrap it around your baby determine the final carrying position (it’s much easier to do than to explain).

We would highly recommend this wrap for a newborn baby as it’s snug, adaptable, comfortable and so convenient. Our tester found it second-to-none when tested on very young babies; they were content, napped well and enjoyed being close.

Amawrap carrier

Recent research has suggested that keeping your baby close offers a myriad of benefits, both physical and emotional. AmaWrap is built on this idea; its founder, Shabs Kwofie, created the AmaWrap to combat postnatal depression through skin to skin contact. In addition to encouraging the release of “bonding hormone” oxytocin, this close contact allows your baby to feel your heartbeat and hear your breathing, making babies feel reassured and calm. We also found the AmaWrap especially helpful for babies with colic or reflux, thanks to the upright position that they are held in.

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Makes my life so much easier. Safe, comfortable, cleanable, looks good and most importantly, my baby loves it even more than me!

Another notable feature that we love about the AmaWrap is that feet and hands can be tucked in and completely covered, something that is not possible with a carrier – no limbs dangling and no cold extremities. Our tester found that nothing beats powering through your to-do list with your hands free, a happy baby and a companion to keep you warm. The wrap even comes with a matching carry bag, so you can stay on trend whether it’s in use or not.

Ama wrap is great of walks

The Stats

Weight range: 7.7 to 33 lbs

Number of carrying positions: 3

RRP: £39.99

Resale value: £15

Available in over 12 colours.

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