We put the UK’s best travel systems through their paces, and after weeks of exhaustive testing have narrowed them down to our five top picks. Here are our reviews of our favourite travel systems currently on the market.

Best Travel System 2017

Bugaboo Cameleon3

Our overall winner for Travel Systems is the Bugaboo Cameleon3. Packed with handy features from a lightweight chassis to a huge shopping basket, the Cameleon3 more than lives up to Bugaboo’s Dutch design credentials. As its name suggests, the Cameleon3 adapts to both its surroundings and your preferences; you can easily switch from parent- to world-facing, from all-terrain to swiveling wheels, and from you to your partner with height-adjustable handlebars. The seat can be converted into a carrycot which clicks into place, and it’s easy to attach a car seat too. The Cameleon3 is pricey, but worth every penny.

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How we test

After lots of research, we handpicked 11 of the top travel systems on the market, collating the models most frequently searched for and most highly rated both on Mumsnet and across the web.

Each of the travel systems were thoroughly tested, including a range of ‘real world’ and standardized testing. We made sure to cover a variety of terrains (pavement, dry bumpy grassland, soft, wet ground and up a steep incline) over at least 80km each. In total, that’s about the distance from London to Leicester, so they all had a good outing.

We made sure to test how easy it was to change the attachments, and how useful and effective each carrycot, seat, and car seat adaptor was.

We also put them through their paces for ease of lifting up and down stairs, manoeuvrability in doorways and narrow spaces, turning circle and the speed with which they can be collapsed and opened.

We tested the storage baskets for both volume and capacity, seeing if they would take a bulky raincover and change bag as well as a bag of supermarket groceries. On that note, we also carried out a topple test, hanging a full bag of shopping on the handles to test how likely the buggies are to overbalance.

We analysed the materials used for durability as well as looks, studying everything from the chassis to the hood, and we thoroughly checked out the safety features of each, looking for five-point harnesses that couldn’t be clicked open by small fingers and sturdy straps no tiny Houdini could wriggle out of.

Last, but by no means least, we carried out a ‘comfort and joy’ test – asking how comfortable were the children in the stroller? How much did they love it (or not), and how could each model make parents’ lives easier?

Having scored the travel systems on the above criteria, we then added into the equation their price, resale value and how long they would last (the maximum age or weight) to work out which model was the best of the best and which others deserved ‘honourable mentions’.

Why you should trust us

Mumsnet has been helping parents make their lives easier since 2000 and in those years we’ve seen, tried and reviewed thousands of travel systems. We’ve watched trends come and go and safety features and engineering become more and more slick. We tested each of the travel systems with real children in real situations, and we’re confident that our testing left no stone unturned.

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