Top five juicers

Freshly-squeezed juice is an excellent (and easy) way to boost your fruit and veg intake. Here, we've rounded up Mumsnetters' top five juicer picks.

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1. NutriBullet, £117.93

This powerful and efficient juicer allows you to whip up smoothies with tough ingredients like kale in a moment.

"I would go as far as to say the results from using this device are life changing for me. It's as quick and easy as making toast for breakfast, but very much healthier."

"Prep is minimal, as it would be for a juicer, and the clean up after is a doddle - unscrew the blade, run under the tap. The cups come with handles and lids so you can take the cup straight off the base and pop a lid on, and off you go!"

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2. Sage Nutri Juicer, £89.95

Versatile and incredibly quick: perfect for bleary mornings.

"It's really easy to clean as there are no small fiddly places for fruit and veg to get wedged into."

"I got this juicer for my birthday and it is just brilliant! I am hoping it will help me and my kids to get more fruit and veg into our diet."

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3. Andrew James Power Juicer 850, £29.99

One of the cheaper juicers on the market, with all parts completely detachable and easy to wash.

"I have only been juicing for two days (six times per day though) and I think it is excellent value for money."

"My breakfasts have been transformed since I bought this juicer. It's also pretty easy to clean as all the bits come apart easily and are completely washable. Looks lovely in the kitchen and it really feels well built."

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4. Juiceproducer KT2200, £389.00

So simple to use that little ones can help too. This isn't cheap but is worth the outlay for its exceptional performance.

"We just got one of these and it's excellent, it's a rotating press-style juicer, so it gets loads of juice out and our son loves it! The juicer is also so easy to use - he loves feeding the carrots and things in."

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5. Breville Pro Kitchen Whole Fruit Juicer, £100

Incredibly powerful, with a simple, easy-to-clean design.

"1000 watt powerhouse; takes whole fruits easily and produces excellent juice, but this machine's main attraction is easy cleaning. Wish I'd bought this sooner."

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Prices are correct as of 06/1/16

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