Top five balance bikes

On balance, we reckon these bikes are rather a good idea. Here are the five Mumsnetters have rated the most highly in our reviews section 

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1. FirstBIKECross £99.99


Mumsnet best: If you want something tough and easy to use, this is the bike for you    

"The Cross suits us as it has air tires and can be used off road. It can be left out overnight and hosed down if it gets muddy and looks as good as new. It's definitely made to last."

"My almost thee-year-old absolutely adores his FirstBIKE. It's lightweight and easy for him to manoeuvre by himself. It's easy to put together and the saddle style seat means that he doesn't slip off." 

2. Puky LR1, £62.19

Puky LR1

A firm favourite both in terms of price and usability

"If you want your child to ride confidently and not need stabilizers, this is the perfect start. Given the cost and how well it has lasted I would highly recommend it."

"We bought this for our daughter and she absolutely loved it. It was so much lighter than most of her friend's balance bikes, and she progressed quickly to a proper bicycle. Cannot 
recommend it enough."

3. Weeride First Balance Bike £99.99

A great first bike for little ones just gaining their confidence

"We bought this as an alternative to an Islabike/Puky as they were too expensive for us and I think it's a good compromise. A bit heavier than an Islabike but still light enough to use properly."

"The bike looks well made and has a lovely paint finish. Well worth the money."  

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4.Early Rider Balance Bike £109.99

Early Rider 

Perfect if you're looking for a bike that will adapt as your child grows up

"My son loves this, and you can alter the seat height so it has some growth built in."

"We bought this for our two-year-old daughter and it lasted her until she was four. Her sister uses it now, and it'll be passed on again in a few weeks to our youngest. It's lasted for three kids and it's still in good order."

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5. LIKEaBIKE Jumper £144.95


This lightweight bike is perfect for kids who are constantly on the go

"It's well-made, light, and it looks great. Once your child is old enough you can add a brake to it too."

"My four-year-old daughter was permanently attached to hers, for trips to and from nursery and parks. She literally zoomed around everywhere on it."

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Prices are correct as of 19/02/16

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