Top five steam mops

Stuck in a never-ending floor cleaning cycle? Ditch the mop and bucket with one of these newfangled steam mops, designed to make cleaning a breeze

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1. Karcher SC1 Steam Stick, £45

Mumsnet Best: This no-nonsense device is a favourite for its ease of use and sheer power.

"It's simple and easy to use: fill it with water, plug it in and in around eight minutes you're ready to begin."

"It is surprisingly powerful, cleaning most of the grime off a very dirty oven. It cleans my showers with ease and makes cleaning the floors less of a chore."

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2. Black & Decker Steam Mop Deluxe 2 In 1 £82.99

Mumsnetters love the versatility of the detachable handheld unit on this Black & Decker beauty.

"It's extremely satisfying to steam and simply wipe away muddy water, leaving perfectly clean surfaces."

"The mop is incredibly easy to put together - straightforward instructions are included but they weren't needed."

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3. Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic, £59.99

Another 2-in-1 device, the Vax S86-SF-CC also includes a tank for cleaning fluid - maximum convenience, minimum effort.

"The mop is what I mostly use it for - it brings my wood, tile and laminate floors up beautifully and dries so quickly."

"The addition of the cleaning fluid tank is a genius idea as I can add a little scented liquid to leave my home smelling beautiful."

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4. Morphy Richards Multi Floor Steam Mop, £51.99

Quick to heat up and suitable for a wide range of floors, this Morphy Richards model cleans carpets too. 

"I use it on my bathroom tiles, my slate kitchen floor and wooden floorboards and it genuinely make a real difference to how the floor feels - it's squeaky clean and fresh!"

"My floors are really clean, and you can throw the pads into the washing machine then put them back on."

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5. Thane H20 X5, £79.98

With attachments for cleaning windows and steaming clothes as well as floors, the Thane H20 is truly multi-purpose. 

"It really does do a great job. It heats up super fast, it's easy to set up and it cleans my fairly big kitchen floor really well."

"As a mop it is small and light to use but effective - and adjustable steam levels make it great for all floor coverings, even carpet and rugs with the carpet attachment."

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Prices are correct as of 02/12/15 

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