Top five food processors

Having a food processor can make tricky or complicated recipes a breeze, allowing you to whip up anything from sauces to meringues in minutes. Here are Mumsnetters' favourites.

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1. Magimix 5200, £319.94

"Built like a tank" and powerful to boot, this is definitely one of the best food processors on the market.

"My husband bought me one for my birthday (I asked for one) and I love it to bits. Use it a lot and it's made cooking so much easier."

"I particularly love the different bowl sizes, which means if you just want to make a sauce or some pesto, you don't have to wash up the main bowl. Worth every penny."

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2. Kenwood Chef Major, £491.20

A pricey but worthy food processor that makes baking, in particular, easy-peasy.

"After a work injury I purchased this mixer, enabling me to carry on baking for my family. What a delight to press a button and have all your whisking and stirring done for you!"

"It has a massive stainless steel bowl - big enough for a 14 inch cake - and a really powerful motor and sturdy build quality. It doesn't wiggle its way across my worktop when turned up to full."

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3. Kenwood Prospero (now the KM240), £92.99

Compact and multi-functional: it'll be hard to remember what you did without it.

"I've had one of these for over three years now but it's still going strong. My husband regularly makes bread using the dough hook, I use the whisk to make macarons, meringues and chantilly cream. The processor is great for making hummus, scones, grating carrots, etc. The only thing missing is a pasta roller."

"I bought this after reading various Mumsnet threads; it was great value, and I was so fed up of having a separate blender, bread maker and food processor."

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4. Kenwood Chef Titanium, £351.11

Another brilliant Kenwood, this time with a heat-resistant bowl and a slightly lower price tag.

"It has the full range of bowl attachments including a dough hook, the Kenwood K mixer for heavy cake mixes, a balloon whisk and a rubber 'blade' for lighter mixes."

"I particularly rate the Titanium as it includes the food processor and the mixer, so saves space on an additional item."

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5. KitchenAid K45SS Classic Stand Mixer, £301.10

The KitchenAid is a style icon in its own right, and for good reason: it's solid, dependable, and rather good-looking too.

"I've had my KitchenAid mixer for many years and find it invaluable: It has lasted longer and worked harder than any other kitchen baking appliance that I have ever owned."

"I wouldn't be without it. The price is really competitive - while it is a lot of money to pay out, the mixer will last a lifetime and does the job of so many other gadgets that it is well worth the money."

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Prices are correct as of 06/1/16

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