Top five breadmakers

Baking your own bread may seem an impossibly domestic goddess-type thing to do, but it's made very much easier by the ownership of a breadmaker. Here are Mumsnetters' favourites 

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1. Panasonic SD2501, £104.99


The undisputed leader of the field, and not the most expensive model on the shelves, either.

"We had debated this purchase for ages as thought that it might be a gimmick! How wrong we were: fresh bread every morning and better than any bread we have tasted in years!"   

"I had used breadmakers before and always been disappointed with the results, however we brought this one which cost quite a bit but we are extremely pleased with it. The bread is light and fluffy. We have had it over two years and we have definitely got our money's worth." 

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2. Cookworks Signature Breadmaker, £38.99


The price won't break the bank, and the performance doesn't suffer in the slightest - bargain!

"This is a fantastic breadmaker at a bargain price. I've had mine for over a year and have used it loads. It makes lovely bread - the wholemeal recipe with added mixed seeds is particularly good."

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3. Kenwood BM250, £96.80


So simple to use, it has been known to convert even hardened cynics to breadmaking fiends.

"We received this breadmaker as a wedding present. It has absolutely convinced me of the value of having one, and if it ever breaks (we've had no issues so far) it will certainly be replaced."

"Really reasonable price. It's simple to use and the delay feature means I can set it before bedtime and wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread."   

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4. Kenwood BM450, £158.28


This not only makes brilliant bread - it also makes brilliant jam. There's breakfast toast and a sandwich for lunch sorted, then.

"We got this as a Christmas present years ago and it has rapidly become one of the most used items in our kitchen (other than the cooker!)" 

"We've had this for over two years now and it never fails to make the best bread. Also does jam, cakes, artisan bread and pizza dough."

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5. Morphy Richards Fastbake, £49.00    


With reliably delicious recipes, giving you a wide variety of crust colours and loaf sizes to choose from, this is one of the most versatile breadmakers available.

"I bought this after my beloved breadmaker died. I will try our more of the programmes as time goes by but at the moment I am making the white loaf every day because as quickly as I make it the children are eating it (I've even had to resort to hiding some slices to ensure I get some)."

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Prices are correct as of 27/1/16   

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